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  1. Van hook.... lake sak

    Van hook was a bust today.... nothing compared to what it was last week, also fished independence and picked up 2 eaters that ended up going back in the drink... tried BB in all depths and speed, not much action from other boats around us either.... live and learn I guess, better luck next time
    Lake Sakakawea
  2. Anyone fished Lake Addie recently?

    Looking to take the family to lake Addie tomorrow. Anyone fished there recently?
  3. Audubon - 6/20

    Put in at 3 Mile before 7 this morning...started out pitching cranks and swim baits. Caught 2 dinks on the swimbaits...switched over to bb and spinners. Used crawlers with copper and silver spinners. Fish caught between 14 and 20 fow. Ended up catching 7...kept a 15 and a 20 inch. Off water at 1...water temps between 68 and 72 degrees. Nice morning on the water...surprised there weren't more boats out?
    Lake Audubon
  4. Red River 6-20-18

    Catfishing on the Red River is improving as the first of the post spawn fish are showing up. The feeding fish are being caught along current seams and in mid river holes. The fish that are not out actively feeding are out of the current near structure or tight to the bank. Bait is anyone’s guess any day right now. I have done well with sucker both frozen and fresh and goldeye. Sometimes shrimp can be great this time of year. One key is use smaller baits treaded onto your hook to prevent short bites. Longer sits seem to be a little better on spots to make sure fish take the time to find the baits. ...
    Red River
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  5. Van Hook/Parshall Bay

    Fished Friday evening down on shell island. Marked lots of fish, but just couldn't get a good bite going. Jiggin Raps took our only 2 fish, both of which were ~23". Tried pulling BB/spinners and later trolling cranks with no luck.

    Skipped the rainy mess on Saturday and headed up to Van Hook on Sunday. Started out around the islands near the landing. Seemed like we'd hit a spot and pick up a couple fish right away and then nothing until we moved to another point/island. Ran over to Parshall bay before the crowd got there and picked up a few more fish and lost a few on the north ...
  6. East Sakakawea

  7. Audubon yesterday for a few hours...

    Got one decent eye, small pike and a couple keeper smallmouth. Wasnt fast and furious but at least we caught something... Eye came on shad rap, everything else was on jigs.
    Lake Audubon
  8. Lake Darling Grano crossing

    Wife and I stopped by the bridge at Grano and practiced for the bullhead tournament as all we caught was bullheads, Used leeches, crawlers and smelt and all three worked like a charm for bullheads. Guy down the shore was using a large daredevil and caught his own bullhead. Guess we need another flood to push the dang things on through the dam around the corner and back up to Canada.
    Lake Darling
  9. Sakakawea midsection

    We got out Friday afternoon on the middle section of sakakawea for about 5 hours first two spots were a bust then we pulled out to a main lake point and got 6 quick ones using slow death with half crawls and smile blade and also minnow and lindy and smile blade in 8-12 feet, it was a pretty small spot and I think we pressured the fish out of there. We started working our way down the shore and got into a couple schools of fish. We caught 13 more keeping 9 and lost 3 at the boat in about an hour. The fish were sitting between the big rocks that are snag haven in 7-10 feet and wanted the baits ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  10. Misty waters

    Was out yesterday morning around misty. Went to all the spots and only a bite. Decided not to get minnows and just use power bait. Not sure if I didn't have much luck because the water is high or because I didn't have minnows. Was out last Monday with a buddy and we each got our limit using minnows. Anyone having luck with the high waters and what are you using?
    Missouri River
  11. Sheyenne River

    Got out later last night after work to sling a few baits. Managed hooking 2 small cars again and a goldeye on beef liver along with many small hits. Liver produced best with hits on goldeye but less committed. Worked the fast and slack water in a 90 degree bend in a few different areas and the fish seemed to be right in the middle ground and particularly in one specific area. Depending on current tried 2, 3, 4oz sinkers.
    Sheyenne River
  12. Lake sak.... the hook

    On water at 5pm and off at 8:30. Pulled BB with crawlers in 8 to 12 FOW at .8 to 1.4mph and water temp at 69.7 on wind blown side, biggest was a 27" at 8.1 lbs.... yup the wife out fished me again tonight gosh dang it....haha. had a good time on the water tonight and also seen allot of other people having a good time as well

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    Lake Sakakawea
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