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  1. Crooked lake?

    Has anyone been to crooked lately? I'm looking to bring my two year old out for a couple of hours and am wondering if you can still catch 1000 little perch.
    Crooked Lake
  2. Any new news on beaver bay ice?

    Do I need my atv? prefer not to haul it if I can drive my truck on. also, has anyone had any luck on the crappie bite? been waiting for it to turn on.
    Lake Oahe
  3. Coal Lake

    Hss anyone been out to Coal Lake since the storm? Was wondering how the access is. Was thinking of taking the kids there tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Private message

    How in the world do you send private messages on here? Either I am blind or I just can’t find where to go
    Lake Sakakawea
  5. Pike Info

    Looking to take my college fisheries club on a tipup trip, looking for anywhere that would be worth going, preferably on the eastern side of the state since we dont want to drive 5 hours. Within 2-3 hours of valley city would be ideal, any reports help, thanks.
    Other: SE ND Area
  6. Devils Lake or Stump Lake

    Headed to fish either Devils Lake or Stump Lake this weekend. Grew up in ND but has been a couple years since I fished DL. We used a guide last time but have marked the GPS spots we used. Any suggestions on which to fish? We are looking for whatever bites. Walleye, Pike or Perch. We are bringing portables and snowmobiles. Just want to make sure we are mobile.
    Devils Lake
  7. Beaver Bay Fish and Ice Condition

    Was out yesterday from sun up until early afternoon. Very slow day. Only a couple crappie got to the top side of the ice. Had tip ups in shallow with smelt for pike and some out deeper with minnows. Not one bite on a tip up.

    Ice Condition WARNING!!!

    There was a truck that fell through on the very east end of the bay, east of the bridge. It was only his rear end, but he was stuck non the less. Be careful if you are trying to fish the east end of the bay.
    Missouri River
  8. Not A Report - Crown Butte Dam Ice?

    I'm thinking about taking my kids out to Crown Butte tomorrow for a little while, but was curious if anyone could let me know of any feedback on the ice conditions since the snow/warmer temps. Thank you for any information and be safe out there everyone!
  9. Darling ice after storm

    Thinking of heading up to grano with daughter on Sunday, any ice reports would be greatly appreciated
    Lake Darling
  10. Fox Lake

    Has anyone fished Fox Lake? I see ND Game and Fish says abundant for walleye and perch and am thinking of taking the wife. Just wondering how the ice is, fishing, and any pointers on where to go since it doesn't have a topographic map.

    Anything helps. Thanks!
  11. devils or kraft

    Anyone know how the fishing has been at devils lake or kraft slough?
    Devils Lake
  12. Beaver bay ice

    Just wondering if anyone has been out to beaver bay lately and would have an ice report. Going to take my nephew tomorrow. He has t had a chance to get out this winter and I want to make sure it’s a safe experience for him
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