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  1. Trautmann Lake

    Tried Trautmann today, dead sea. Marked a few fish but no bites. Anyone else ever fished it. Really shallow lake that's for sure. I punched around 20 holes and deepest I could find at bottom of ice was 5.9 feet. Ice was probly close to 12"
  2. New Johns

    Hit up New Johns last night for evening bite. Seems to have slowed quite a bit since last week. Kept 3 nice eaters. All came from jigging in 14. Nothing on top ups or dead stick for me. Just shy of 12 of ice. Saw one guy had driven on.
    New Johns Lake
  3. Coal Lake

    Fished coal lake on Sunday. Saw a few other holes that had been drilled but no one else out there. Heard there were many dead fish floating in August. Seems like a dead lake unfortunately.
  4. Audubon - 3 Mile

    Got out 12/9 around 8:30 am out of 3 Mile. A few other guys out, but not as many as I expected. Ice was 11 to 12 inches everywhere I drilled. All looked to be very good ice as well. Fished anywhere from 26 to 18 feet of water. Only bites came in 18' from schools of perch. None were big enough to keep. Bites came from 10:30am to 12:30pm when I got off the ice. Nice day to be out.
    Lake Audubon
  5. Perch

    Be out in southeast next week. Will post what I find or catch. Guess I'll be searching for strong schools of fish. Ice is looking good from what I hear.
    Other: SE ND Area
  6. North Eckelson

    Has anyone been to Eckelson this year? Was planning on going out there on Sat. with a buddy of mine to go chase some perch. heard there's lots of perch, with some nice ones there. Haven't been there in years Thks,
  7. Stutsman County

    Has anyone been out around Stutsman County? I am looking to go on a smaller lake this weekend and was looking at Fox, Reule, or Stink Lake. Just wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to fish them, results, and ice conditions?
  8. Sweetbriar

    Was out the evening of 11/26/2018. Multiple depths and presentation. Very few marks. 1 bite
    Sweet Briar
  9. Tobacco bay

    Went out Sunday afternoon for a few hours, got on the ice about 2. Caught 3 fish in 20 minutes, including a 21" 'eye. Smaller saugers came through periodically, fishing slowed down at dark. 5"-6".
    Lake Sakakawea
  10. Audubon - 3 Mile Bay

    Took the daughter ice fishing Saturday afternoon for a couple hours...her first trip out on the ice. We just went to 3 Mile...short walk out into the east bay. Checked the ice as we made our way out...7 inches solid everywhere I drilled. Set up from 30 fow on the basin edge up to about 14 fow. Started marking fish about 4pm...lots of lookers but no takers. Wrapped things up about 5 because the daughter was getting cold even sitting in the flipover with the Buddy heater going. I forget sometimes how conditioned to the cold I am...if alone I would not have even set the house up! Did notice 2 guys ...
    Lake Audubon
  11. Coal Lake

    Fished coal lake this evening. My first time. Ice 6" everywhere on the north side. Couldn't mark a fish. Drilled a Bunch of holes in every water depth and nothing. Not sure I'll go there again. Also water is the most murky ive ever seen. Couldn't see anything with my camera.
  12. DL Chain lakes

    Three of us went East for the day. Ended up with a steady bite most of the day. We were setup in what we feel is a traffic area. The fish would come through every 30-90 minutes, and we'd have a little flurry of marks and bites.

    Ended up with our 15 eaters, plus a few throwbacks, and a bonus perch.

    We were in about 6 fow. Where we were there was around 8-9" of ice. It wasn't that really good clear ice, but not horrible ice either.

    We caught fish about equal, between the dead sticks, jigging rods, and tip-ups.

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    Devils Lake
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