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  1. Pike Spearing Helen Lake 1-14-18

    First time ever spearing pike, terrible windy and cold to boot. Getting set up was a chore then after we had the hole cleared out the water was murky.

    Set up in 6 FOW and the decoys would disappear about a foot off the bottom.

    Decoyed ? For about 4 hours with nothing doing. Tough conditions but still better than sitting at home.

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  2. Lake of the Woods

    Fished 1/10-1/14 out of Dale’s Road. Wednesday had good action with nice fish out in portable in 23 FOW. Spent Thursday hunkered down in the permanent in 32 FOW with slow fishing but a few nice ones caught. Friday spent the AM in the permanent with limited success and then ventured out with portable to 27 FOW. Caught a couple nice fish but slow action overall. Saturday was a repeat of Friday except we hardly caught anything out in the portable. Left early this morning
    (9 AM)due to blowing snow and limited visibility without a fish. Overall fishing was poor to average with a few slot ...
  3. Beaver bay ice report

    Headed to beaver bay this afternoon and wondering if anyone has been there recently that would be kind enough to give an ice report. Just this week I heard that a pickup fell through the ice at a lake in Wishek. Trying to be safe rather than waste my time driving.
    i will take fishing reports too if anyone has them
  4. Lake Irvine and Alice

    Heading there again this weekend. Last time pulled two perch both over 14.5 inches along with a few others. Fished in 12 fow for perch and 4-6 for walleyes. Will let you know how this one goes. If anyone has any news or reports it would be appreciated.
    Lake Irvine
  5. Any fishing report for darling near the grano bridge or landing 3 ?

    Father in law is coming up to ice fish next week he has never been up on this side of the state, curious if anyone is catching anything up near grano bridge or landing 3
    Lake Darling
  6. New Johns Tuesday Jan 9

    Finally got a chance to post from Tuesday. Went back to my honey hole New johns on Tuesday afternoon as the weather was awesome and was looking forward to an opportunity to hole hop outside and be comfortable for once! Joined a buddy on the south side this time. Set up our spread in 6-15 feet. We got set up about 3:30 and fished til 6. Had one flag go up about 5 min after set up and lost a nice fish on the fight. Was very quiet and not even a mark until shortly before 5. Had another flag go off and iced a nice eye. From 5-6 had a couple good flurries and ended with our 10 eyes on the ...
    New Johns Lake
  7. Pearl Lake

    Decided to try icing a few perch for the first time this year with a few buddies yesterday afternoon after spending the morning on Geier. Mud and Pearl were pretty close for us and had heard a few reports of some fish being caught in the area the day before. We set up on the north end of Pearl, just south of the big pressure ridge in 16 feet of water. Action was definitely not fast and furious. Between 4 of us, we iced 13 perch, kept 11. The majority of the fish kept were 9.5-10.5 inches, with 2 that went 12 being the biggest. I think only 3 of the 13 were caught jigging under electronics, ...
  8. Geier Lake

    Fished Geier for the first time ever with a few buddies yesterday from 8-11:30AM. Also figured I would post a report from a lake other than New Johns for once! We fished 8-9 feet of water. One guy and I fished outside with a few dead sticks and tip ups spread out and each had a hole for jigging under the electronics. Other buddy and his son were in a portable about 25 yds away. Between the 4 of us we managed to keep 13 eyes between 14-19 inches, with the bulk of them being 14-15 inchers. We threw back 4-5 fish under 14, including one that looked like it may have been stocked by the game ...
  9. Buffalo Lake

    Buddy and I hit Buffalo lake yesterday(1/7/18) from 11a-7p. Fished in 12 FOW. Buddy caught 1 walleye and I had a snake break my line at the bottom of the ice. Only had a couple marks all day.
    Other: SE ND Area
  10. Lake Josephine

    Went to Lake Josephine on Saturday (1/6/2018) with my neighbor and his son, who's going to be 7 years old. Got the Eskimo pop-up anchored in and the Big Buddy heater rolling, after drilling some holes. We fished from 1:30-5:30 and it was a slow day overall.

    I let the boy, Parker, use the Aqua-Vu camera and he had a BLAST with it. Although we didn't catch anything, we saw quite a few perch (smaller ones) and two walleye that would come up and investigate his offerings, but he wasn't able to ice anything. We fished in about 15 feet of water about 300 yards straight west of the ...
  11. West Lake by Napoleon

    Was there for about 3 hours yesterday (noon till about 3pm), put in tipups off the riprap along the highway on the N side. 7-9 fow.
    Used smelt and minnows. Got one flag on a smelt but wasnt able to hook it. Saw 3-4 other groups in the area and didnt see any fish caught. They all left before we did so couldnt have been catching much. Id say, if you are after pike, go elsewhere...
  12. Geneva 1/6

    Was out at Lake Geneva by Steele on Saturday the 6th from 8am-Noon and did not even mark a fish on the vexilar. Very slow day but it was good to get out for the first time. Ice was about 15-17 inches where we were, fishing in 7' of water. Lots of vehicles and huts were out there that same day, wonder how they did!
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    Other Bodies of Water
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