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  1. Lake darling

    Went to lake darling and caught 2 walleye on minnows. I mean tiny walleye 4 inches long right at dark. Had a school move through but no takers. What size bait is everyone using? New to this so looking for advice.
    Lake Darling
  2. New Johns Lake - Any news?

    Has anyone been over to New Johns recently? Looking for some info on ice thickness and if they are biting. Thanks.
    New Johns Lake
  3. Pipestem and Jamestown Reservoir

    Pipestem has died down drastically, no where near the same amount of people fishing it compared to a few weeks ago, I have tried numerous sports with very little luck, marking a lot, not getting any takers, I have tried about every lure I have, crappie bite is good first thing in the morning for about an hour then it’s like a switch is flipped. I have been to the reservoir 3-4 times, not sure if I’m hitting the wrong spots at the wrong time but haven’t had good luck there either, any pointers would be greatly appreciated
  4. Beaver Bay (Mercer County)

    Anyone have a report on ice conditions on beaver bay or anywhere nearby? Maybe Hazen or Beulah bay? Fishing report would also be helpful but just seeing how safe it is right now.
    Lake Sakakawea
  5. Devils Lake Pike? (Not a Report)

    Hi guys and gals,

    I'm taking a class trip up to Devils Lake to take some people spearing, was wondering how Wolfords is doing this year or if anyone would have better recommendations on where to go. We just wanna catch some fish, so I don't need everyone's super secret honey hole, just some guidance on bays or other areas where to go. Thanks folks!
    Devils Lake
  6. Lake of the Woods

    Went up on New Years Day and had a buddy join me the following day and we left Sunday mid-morning. Fished out of Dale’s access. Had permanent over towards Twin Islands in 25 FOW. fished in the house Wednesday all day and the mornings on Thursday and Friday. Spent the other afternoons and all day Saturday out with portable on Adrian’s reef, North Adrian’s and also 16 mile. Fished in 26-31 FOW. Decent to good action everyday. Plain green hook was the go-to for my dead stick. Pink and white buckshot jig with minnow head was on my jigging for the majority of the time. We caught 6 slot fish ...
  7. Devils Lake

    Did a quick two day trip up to devils lake. Never got on the jumbo perch was in the military point area. found lots of small perch fish 24-37 FOW. Morning and evening eyes was a success no monster but perfect eaters. Were hitting rippin raps on day one and then second day bobbers seemed to catch more fish. Did set up in 9 foot to spear so slimmy pike ended up with 3 good pike if our groups aim was a bit better would have had more. we did however see some jumbo perch up in the trees while spearing. Ice was 16-19 inches and you could drive about anywhere. Only thing that would limit driving ...
    Devils Lake
  8. Jasper Lake

    Might be able to save some folks a trip. Some asshat decided to plow a bunch of snow onto the boat ramp so you can’t drive a vehicle on. It’ll probably be that way for the rest of the winter unless someone comes in with some equipment.

    We walked in anyway. Ice was 12-14” where we were.
  9. Buffalo Lodge Lake

    Fished from 3 until 630 this afternoon. Caught two pike about 17 inches in about 8 FOW. One on a tip up with a minnow, the other on a spoon with a minnow. Other folks reported catching a few walleye.
  10. Brewer Lake

    What are conditions like at Brewer? Im goin there tommorow, and just lookin for some info.
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    Brewer Lake
  11. Sibley Lake

    Has anyone one been out to Sibley? How's the ice thickness\ hidden pressure ridges? Did the storm mess up access at all? I know in years past that road in has been a $#|% show. Thinking about doing a over nighter out there this weekend. Anyone having any luck?

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    Sibley Lake
  12. Van Hook Area

    Does anyone have an update on the ice and fish conditions at Van Hook? Thanks for any help
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    Lake Sakakawea
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