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  1. Mighty Missouri

    Hit the river yesterday, went out of the McC;lean gun range dock and it was a tough day for me, I had one bite in about 4 hours. Have fished the river for about 30 years and would like to think I am an okay river fisherman and my last 2 trips out have humbled me. Either the fish are getting smarter or haunting different areas than past years or I am forgetting how to fish in my old age. Tried 6-7 spots in 6-18 ft. and only the one bite. On the good side got the stabil in the fuel system for winter storage and enjoyed a nice afternoon. GL to others out there. Water is down about 2+ ft from about ...
    Missouri River
  2. Salmon report

    Unfortunately NO salmon run this year in shallow waters or very limited due to the pressure change and water temp according to FYR report. Going deep will be the only option.
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    Lake Sakakawea
  3. Dumb idea...

    Not precisely sure what's up with wading/shorefishing in the MO this fall. Either I am stinking it up (which is surely a possibility) or the fish are being ultra uncooperative.

    Fished last night from about 8:30 PM until about 11:15 PM. Wind blasting out of the north (at my back, but it was truly a bastage), 32 degrees and snowflakes in the air.

    Caught nothing. One hard whack at a little after 10.

    Not even my cuffs were able to entice a fish.

    That is all.

    Missouri River
  4. Beaver Bay, Porcupine & Cattail 10/6/18

    Braved the cold today and headed down to Beaver Bay this morning. Maybe 5 boats at the ramp. Spent some time on the east side of the bridge that ended up being a waste.

    Headed down to porcupine and picked up 4 nice eaters all 15-18 inches. Fished the channel breaks in 25 - 45 FOW with jigs and minnows or gulp and raps. Water temp was 58 degrees. Wasn't fast and furious, maybe a fish every 1/2 hour on average. But enough to keep it interesting.

    Headed down to cattail and picked up a single and then headed to the four mile area and caught squat. Headed back up to porcupine ...
    Lake Oahe
  5. Audubon - 9/29

    Got on the water about noon...started out just looking for fish. Most marks found in 18 to 24 fow. Drifted Lindy's and pitched jigs minnows along with jigging raps. Surface temps 52-54...nice afternoon...winds sat down...water was flat by 3...only saw 3 other boats on the entire lake. Ended up catching 7 walleye and 2 perch...4 nice keepers 16 to 19 in. Jigging raps and jig/minnow caught all fish. None caught on plastics or cranks...just couldn't dial in colors or speed. Fish did come up shallower later in the day...last fish caught in 12 fow about 6 pm. Great afternoon on the water...hoping we ...
    Lake Audubon
  6. Red River 9-26-18

    The end is near as this weeks weather has the water temperature making is dive to 50 degrees which is generally the end on consistent catfishing. It is not uncommon for this the last week of September or first week of October.

    Fishing remains ok with the fish slowing down with the water temperature. Work areas out of the current and sit on spots a little longer again to allow the fish to get in the mood to eat. On nicer afternoons start fishing a little faster as the sun will perk them up for a more feeding. The cold nights have the frogs at a standstill so frozen sucker is again ...
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  7. Tailrace at night

    Spent the night at the tailrace on the rocks. Its so peaceful there at night and the fish were nice and steady after midnight. They sure are fat below the damn. We ended up with 8 and 2 birds ha ha. Just used cranks and most bites were when it was coming back in around 2' from shore. One great time.
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    Lake Sakakawea
  8. Salmon Report

    Bottom line up front (BLUF): No salmon were harmed and it was windy enough to blow the dog off the chain.

    Fished from Government Bay to the dam at all depths and with various tackle from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. No salmon, one goldeye. Water temp was 61 F. As the afternoon wore on the wind shifted to the northeast gusting into the 30s and blowing spray off the top of the swells at times. Holed up in the wind shadow of Mallard Island and tried for some walleye on jigs. No takers. The downwind run back to the ramp was exciting with the large swell, which was about the upper limit ...
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    Lake Sakakawea
  9. Shore fishing salmon

    Has anyone catching salmon off shore in Scoria Bay?
    Lake Sakakawea
  10. Missouri

    Drove through kniefel boat ramp on way home the other day. River has gone so much now I can see sandbars in the middle of the river not to far away. Anyone been out in this neck of the river lately?
    Missouri River
  11. Lake darling

    Went to grano on Tuesday was there for about 3 hours with not a bit, tried minnows, worms, gulp, cranks. There was another guy there saying he he has had some decent luck, but not the day we were there, there catching them on boats a little ways south, in shallow water with cranks! Man I need to convince my wife to let me get a boat
    Lake Darling
  12. Red River 9-19-18

    Things are changing fast now as they do every year about this time. The low water and lack of current continues. Over the past few days and looking at the forecast water temperatures will plummet over the next week or so.

    The big fish have come alive and are actively feeding to get ready for the winter. they are feeding on the softer side of the current or shallow but near deeper water. Sit times do not need to be more than 20 minutes as they will be in the area and hit the bait or they won't. Frogs have been the hands down best bait but they will take sucker, either fresh or ...
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