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  1. Beaver bay

    Put in at beaver bay on 5/24. Fished in 6-12 feet. Lindys and minnows along with jigs and minnows yielded a nice limit of walleyes from 15-18 inches. After that went to go pitch some wind blown points trying to find a few crappies but only had one up to the boat. Caught northerns, smallys, a catfish and more walleyes pitching. Beautiful day
    Lake Oahe
  2. Missouri River 5/23/2018

    The forecast called for high winds and rain. We got neither, so I hopped onto my neighbor's pontoon with him and cruised south of Bismarck. Fished mostly jigs/minnows, jigs/gulp. Only managed three walleye (2, 15" keepers, one smaller one), one catfish. My neighbor caught one nice sturgeon. Fished by Fort Lincoln, and in some slack water breaks to the south a few miles before running back home. Fished from 12:30-4:30. Was a beautiful day on the river, but slow. Water is up quite a ways, a bit muddy, and mostly in the upper 40s for temperature.
    Missouri River
  3. Red River 5-22-18

    Spring is quickly progressing and fishing is changing. The really big bite of the last couple weeks is now a fairly normal but still very good bite. The fish are spreading out throughout the river and we now have to work for them a little bit. They are still in the middle of the river and on the faster current seams just not stacked up in some areas. Set a 20 minute timer and work it. Keep bait in the water and pick up a fish or two per spot and you will put together a great day.

    Baits have been switching from sucker to goldeye and back so try to have some of each.

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    Red River
  4. Lunds Landing Sak west

    Went east to the Links and fished all three sides of that point today from 9 - 2 by myself. Caught 4 nice fish from 18 -20" on jig and a minnow. Very dirty water. Marked literally hundreds of fish with SI in 7 - 10 fow. When it was right they slammed the jig, I just think I had to drop it on their head or they couldn't see it?????
    Lake Sakakawea
  5. Lake Sak New Town Area

    Fished North of New Town May 21-22. Easy limits of 19-22" Walleye. Lindy's and Jig and a minnow worked best. we released a few fish in the 25-26" range. 10-14ft depth was best for us
    Lake Sakakawea
  6. Kayak Fishing Braun Lake

    Went kayak-fishing at Braun Lake with the Bismarck Paddlers group on Sunday morning. All the ingredients were present for fine day of walleye fishing--except for the walleye, which proved too wily to catch. Managed one small perch.

    Headed to Goose Lake on the way home for some perch and northern pike fishing. Didn't catch any.

    Yesterday stopped below the dam on the Cheyenne River at the town of Fort Ransom. Cast jigs and minnows. Didn't catch anything but lost a couple of jigs to snags. ...
  7. Mo River in Town

    Two of us went out Sunday later morning @ 9:30am. Put in at keelboat park and started south by Fox Island on the Mandan side. About a dozen boats but very few getting caught. Made three passes by floating and pulled up stakes.

    Popped up below the Expressway Bridge. Another dozen boaters but this time we caught a few walleye. Then, like a light switch they turned off. Made four passes drifting and pull up stakes again.

    Went north by the condo building next to Memorial Bridge. Water was too high to keep the current away from the honey hole. Didn't even stay and ...
    Missouri River
  8. Beaver Bay Missouri River

    Was a beautiful day yesterday (5/20/2018) to be out on Beaver Bay. Lots of boats up near the bridge on both sides, saw a few fish being caught there, but we wanted to move away from the traffic a bit, so we fished out on the west side of the bridge. On the water a bit late, at 10:00 and quit fishing around 5:00 to get back home. It wasn't constant action, some slow spots through the day, but we caught about 20 walleyes, kept 15 between the three of us. Nothing huge, all nice eaters.
    Missouri River
  9. West Lake by Napoleon

    Me and a friend took our kayaks down yesterday. Only got 1 small pike, was nice to be on the water and get some sun tho. Spoke with a few locals and didnt sound like anyone has been catching much lately...
  10. Lake Darling

    Was up there last night for three hours. Tried a few different spots on the west side. 5-15 FOW, we pulled one small eye, as I was bringing that in a pike hit it and got all the way to the boat. When we put the net in the water to scoop both fish the pike let go and launched the eye in the boat. Was pretty cool. Twenty minutes later I pulled a bullhead, no other bites.
    Lake Darling
  11. Missouri River Bismarck

    Went out on Saturday May 19 in the morning near the Expressway Bridger north of Fox Island. The three of us caught a limit of walleye within about 45 minutes using jig tipped with either minnow, nightcrawler or powerbait. Fish were in about 20 feet of water. Didn't appear that most angers in the area were having that good of luck. We tried a number of other spots south of Bismarck with some success.

    We tried a hole about 100 yards north of the boat dock where I believe the state record walleye was caught. We caught two huge suckers, a smaller walleye and then I hooked into ...
    Missouri River
  12. Lake Sakakawea Newtown area

    I fished the Newtown area, between the marina and White Earth on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday with two buddies, and Sunday with the wife and kids. Minnows was the ticket for us both days, but I saw guys catching on cranks and pitching jig/plastic. On Saturday it seemed to be best for us in that 9'10 fow range, and going slower. Roughly .4-.5 mph. On Sunday we found them in the same depth at first, but later in the day we had to scoot of to 4.5-7.5 fow. On Sunday the wind was blowing into the shoreline and created a mud line, so we rode the edge of that.

    Saturday was one of ...

    Updated 05-22-2018 at 07:46 AM by Vollmer

    Lake Sakakawea
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