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    Early-Season Catfishing Tactics

    by Dan Anderson

    In-Fisherman Editor In Chief Doug Stange wrote about early-season catfishing in a previous issue of In-Fisherman: “March is poison for being so full of promises broken. A snip of warmer weather here and there and all us cat people are ready for the new season. But even in North Texas, top fishing is still a month away.

    So what’s a feller to do, but spin wheels trying and mostly come home crying?” He’s right. There’s a chance we’ll get skunked on some of our initial spring outings. A single sunny, balmy spring afternoon doesn’t ...
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    Barbless Hooks for Healthier Pike

    by Doug Stange

    No one wants to travel to a big-pike nirvana and have to worry about catching fish. What if rules at the fishery require single-hook lures? And what if the single hook also has to be barbless?

    After years of experimenting with this type of rigging, capped by staff trips to shoot TV at the best pike fisheries in North America, where such rigging is required, it’s easy to testify that one need not worry about keeping fish on once they’re hooked.

    Single-hook lures chosen correctly for the situations you face catch pike as well as multi-hook lures in most situations, and make pike easy to handle and release. Making the single hook barbless takes things a step further. You ...
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    Boat Engine Maintenance and Tips

    by Cory Schmidt

    For the better part of a decade, the old ten-horse outboard hanging on the back of the jonboat shared by a buddy and I seemed to thrive on neglect. Pretty sure we never checked the spark plugs or changed lower unit oil or replaced fuel filters or any other basic bit of outboard engine maintenance. When the lower unit sprang a crack, we simply gave it a rough weld job and threw her back in the drink. Problem solved.

    That theory lasted until the day my buddy and I found ourselves ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    I’ve been blessed with some really great hunting and fishing buddies over the years. Very few of them complain, all but a handful are typically better behaved than I am, and most are pretty talented outdoorsmen in their own right. As I grow older, I’ve
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    by Joel Nelson

    Photo Credit - Matt Adddington Photography

    Ice-fishing has undergone an interesting transformation in the past few years especially. As social media ice-thickness reports hit the internet by the hour, we get on ice collectively faster than we ...
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    Quick Tips for Spring Panfish

    By Jason Mitchell Outdoors
    Spring panfish opportunities are popular with anglers for good reason. Anglers can target crappie, bluegill and other panfish in often shallow water and the action can be tremendous particularly for kids and beginning anglers.
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    The Spread on Spring Walleye by Jason Mitchell
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    Northern Lake Oahe by Dennis Foster
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    Some changes made to fishing rules

    • DOUG LEIER N.D. Department of Game and Fish

      One advantage for North Dakota anglers is the fishing season for game fish is open year-round.

    That said, there is a beginning and end to the fishing license period, and that occurs April 1, as it does for hunting and trapping licenses as well. So, if you want to fish starting ...
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    Types of Walleye Forage

    by David A. Rose

    If we take a walleye from a lake where the primary forage is scuds and small fish—maybe from Devils Lake, North Dakota—and transport it to a reservoir where alewives are top forage, as in Kentucky’s Lake Cumberland, how long before the fish changes its feeding pattern? Not long, I suppose.

    Walleyes sometimes travel long distances to follow what they like to eat. Take the fish of Lake Erie, for example. Both walleyes and smelt spawn on reefs in Ohio’s Western Basin and as far west as the rivers of Michigan. Procreation finished, the smelt head east ...
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    Jig Fishing for Deep-Brush Crappie

    by Terry Madewell

    Fishing deep brush for crappie is highly predictable. (Photo by Ron Sinfelt)

    During the pre- and post-spawn, deep-brush crappie techniques are simple and deadly.

    Anglers can expand the spring crappie-catching season several weeks by fishing deep brush. Woody cover is a ...
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    Solving Spring Panfish

    by Jim Edlund

    As the world awakens from winter’s slumber, all manner of life begins to bloom and the creative process begins anew.

    The watery world is no exception. Melting ice gives way to a revitalized food web: micro-invertebrates and other tiny critters flitter about, vegetation germinates, minnows cruise the shallows, feeding opportunistically on the influx of nutrients, and panfish and larger predators follow.

    I’ve long had a soft spot for spring panfishing, recalling many April afternoons in a 14-foot boat with my dad. He, too, loved to fish early-season crappies and bluegills. ...
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    Rule enforcement of interest to hunters, anglers

    • DOUG LEIER N.D. Game and Fish Department

    Game wardens issued more than 2,500 citations in 2017, compared to nearly 2,300 in 2016 and 2,400 in 2015.PROVIDED BY, NORTH DAKOTA GAME AND FISH DEPARTMENT

    The work of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s enforcement division and its member game wardens is of high interest to hunters and anglers — for good reason.

    People want to know that laws are being enforced and that the illegal taking of fish and wildlife is a priority and taken seriously.

    As part of the effort to keep hunters and anglers informed about enforcement activities, ...
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    Strategies for Shallow Panfish

    by Dan Johnson

    Nothing against the deep bite, but I’d rather fish for shallow panfish any day, especially with fast-paced, aggressive tactics that yield solid strikes and big catches. Opportunities to target panfish holding in shallow water or hovering high in the water column are both diverse and numerous.

    Rice Crappies

    Many shallow panfish patterns are tied to the spring feeding fling and spawning period that follows. Crappies and sunfish feed in fast-warming areas in spring, then settle into harder bottom spawning areas in late spring and early summer. Prime prespawn areas include dark-bottomed bays and canals. Popular “community” fishing areas can draw legions ...
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    Pitching Baits to Shallow Walleyes

    by Matt Straw

    The ice is gone. Baitfish are shallow. A jig drops softly to barely ripple the surface. A plop, not a splash. Something natural, like a leaping, panicked minnow.

    Shallow walleyes, rather than retreating in panic, turn to investigate. What they should find is something natural, moving in a manner and at a speed their prey displays. Precise spots, direction of approach, distance from target, speed of presentation—all critical.

    Walleyes in shallow vegetation or rock are there to feed and they expect things to swim slowly
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    The Hunt For Giant Muskie

    by Steve Ryan

    Muskie records are embroiled in controversy like no other fish. Most historical lists of the largest muskies ever caught are dominated by a handful of names such as Spray, Lawton, and Hartman. By some accounts, more than a third of the top-50 muskies of all time were registered by these individuals, primarily from the late 1930s to early 1960s. Most of those fish were claimed to be over 60 pounds, with Art Lawton, Louis Spray, and Robert Malo each claiming fish of nearly 70 pounds.

    Uninitiated muskie anglers might ...
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    No need for walleye limits at Devils Lake

    DOUG LEIER N.D. Game and Fish Department

    • The days continue to add minutes of sunlight, the spring turkey application deadline is past and, before you know it, spring open-water fishing will be the hot topic.

    Todd Caspers, a North Dakota ...
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    Efficient Walleye Fishing

    by Jim Edlund

    One of the few things I remember from philosophy class is the epigraph above—but I always thought “and the fish are not the same fish,” could be added, too. I always read it to mean that the natural world is in a constant state of flux.

    In fishing, environmental conditions change, we change, and fish behavior changes, sometimes on a dime. Each time we “step into the river” we’re dealing with a different set of circumstances and countless variables at play, which ultimately determine our level of success.

    Good thing for guides and pros with big hearts and loose lips. Given the sheer number of hours they spend on the water, they begin to ...
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    Spring is Prime Time for River Walleyes

    by Dan Johnson

    Across the Walleye Belt, early spring is prime time to tap some of the year’s best bites. Courtesy of the annual spawning migration, big numbers of walleyes roll into predictable places, offering anglers a variety of opportunities to enjoy fine fishing from the Prespawn through Postspawn periods.

    Many walleyes spawn along main-lake shorelines, but rivers attract more than their share of fish. Hallowed waters include legendary Great Lakes tributaries like the Detroit and Maumee, but rivers large and small provide chances to join the game virtually coast to coast.
    Motor City Madness
    Waves of spawn-run walleyes flood the Detroit River from Lake Erie, boosting
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    Be Prepared: Watch Out for River Ice

    by Ted Peck

    Ice provides a unique set of solid challenges that must be conquered to ensure a safe day of walleye fishing. (Shutterstock image)

    The Boy Scout motto “Be prepared” holds infinite wisdom when fishing any Wisconsin river in March. Or in any state where river ice comes into play.


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