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    How to Catch Early Season Walleye

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    How to Catch Early Season Walleye

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    Big Bites Come Early and Late

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    How to Catch Early Season Walleye

    by Andy Buss

    Few people in America will argue that walleye is the tastiest of freshwater fish. Northern anglers across the country spend millions of dollars chasing them for the dinner table, and walleye fishing tournaments are gaining steam in popularity. With northern waters now thawing, and Megaware protecting your boat, there is no better time to stuff your freezer with early season walleye.

    When it comes to fishing, Minnesota and the “Up North” ...
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    Don’t forget to “summerize” your ice-fishing gear.

    Because we betcha haven’t done it yet…are we right? Lol.

    It can be easy to pile all your ice schtuff in the corner of the garage and leave it for next year — I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been “that guy” and it cost me…never again. Taking the time to properly “summerize” your ice gear can save you from a big headache come next season.


    > If you’re running ...
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    Devils Lake walleye population update

    by Doug Leier

    A couple of weeks ago I highlighted a status report featured on the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s weekly webcast, Outdoors Online, relating to the Missouri River- Lake Oahe walleye fishery. This week, I’ll summarize the webcast’s ...
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    Big Bites Come Early and Late

    By Mark Romanack

    Lure color often matters when it comes to cold water trolling. When baits are moving slowly in the water, walleye have the luxury of getting a pretty good look at them before deciding ...
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    Timing Is Everything For Rainy River Walleyes


    Prespawn walleyes moving into the Rainy River from Lake of the Woods can provide excellent early-season fishing -- as long as you hit the river at the right time. File photo
    Thursday’s report that the Rainy River in Birchdale, Minn., was ice-free and open to boats of all sizes brought back the memory of the first ...
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    Night Walleyes: Don't Stop Fishing at Sundown

    by Steven Johnson

    Fishing tends to be best after the sun goes down at this time of year. (Shutterstock image)Fishing for night walleyes on your favorite lake might be better than you've seen all day.

    With eyes adjusted to the darkness, you can make out the lakeshore, but it's more than a cast's distance away so you're really just throwing in its general direction, across a big flat.

    Everything is done by feel as ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    Isaak W. asks:

    When it comes to fishing line (more specifically braid) do you have a preference between low-vis and hi-vis colors?

    I’m currently running alot of braid with some mono for most of my ...
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    Spring River Walleye Fishing Tips for Monster Fish

    by Mike Peluso

    Bismarck, ND is known for being the state capital of North Dakota. Did you also know it’s home of the new North Dakota state walleye record?

    Yes, the elusive walleye record that stood tall for over 5 decades finally came crashing down right in the city limits of Bismarck in the spring of 2018. Amazingly though, people came close to breaking ...
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    Top early-spring walleye destinations in the Midwest

    Will Stolski

    Looking for a spring destination with open water (maybe even right now!) and good walleye fishing? Us too. Here’s 5 killer early-season spots that kick out solid fish every spring…


    > Every spring, zillions of walleyes make the annual run from Lake of the Woods into the Rainy River to spawn. This can be some of the best fishing all year…both ...
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    Tips For Early Season Walleye Tactics

    Brian Bashore

    It’s that time of year again where walleye anglers are biting at the bit to get their boats back on the water and get hooked up with some walleyes.

    The most typical approach this time of year is to target walleyes in the river systems, as the rivers are usually first ...
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    Fishing Experts Expect Rising Water To Produce Stellar Spring Walleye Action On Devils Lake

    Walleye pro Johnnie Candle says he expects Devils Lake to rise about 2 feet this spring, which in turn should produce great walleye fishing. Photo courtesy of Devils Lake Tourism
    DEVILS LAKE, N.D. — “This spring will be a throwback to the good old days,” said angling educator, tournament walleye pro and Devils Lake fishing guide ...
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    Ten Easy Ways to Catch More Walleye this Spring

    By Jason Mitchell

    That late spring period is a coveted time for walleye anglers. More specifically, the post spawn time frame often creates great windows of opportunity. While each fishery can have a different personality and the nuances can vary, we have found some universal concepts that do seem to be applicable just about everywhere we ...
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    Supersized: Big plastics for bigger ‘eyes

    by Jim Edlund

    Thanks to social media, there’s a new psychological disorder on the scene. It’s called FoMO, which stands for “Fear of Missing Out.”

    One surefire way to get it is watching Green Bay guide Bret Alexander’s Facebook page. Seriously, the dude is a walleye whisperer. Not to mention monster muskie and smallmouth magnet.

    Like any guide worth his salt, Alexander has a pretty thick playbook, but says he’s boated more big walleyes the ...
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    Finesse-trolling stickbaits for early-season walleyes

    by Jim Edlund

    Lake Erie guide Capt. Ross Robertson is killing us with his giant walleye photos, fish he affectionately refers to “cafeteria moms” [lol no offense!]. So we gave Ross a call and asked him to spill the beans on the program that’s working right now.

    The winning game is finesse-trolling stickbaits with snap-weights using planer boards. He’s ...
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    Best Locations for Giant Walleyes

    by Steve Ryan

    For giant walleyes—18 pounds and up—the list of waters shrinks to a remarkable few.

    Best Locations for Giant Walleyes

    The quest for giant walleyes takes a special breed of angler and a unique fishery. One’s mindset and game plan changes when pursuing record-caliber walleyes versus fishing for tablefare. It requires dedication to researching top fisheries capable of producing freakishly large walleyes and the persistence to grind out long hours on the water under difficult conditions. That means potentially ...
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    New Licenses Needed April 1

    North Dakota anglers, trappers and hunters are reminded that new licenses for the 2019-20 season are required starting April 1.
    Licenses can be purchased online at the North Dakota ...
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    How to catch GIANT Lake of the Woods pike on tip-ups

    ​by Brett McComas

    Known for its zillions of walleyes, Lake of the Woods has also become a world-class pike fishing destination — especially during the Mar/Apr late-ice period. The border waters’ special regulations mean these fish can be targeted all the way through ice-out.

    Mammoth pike will stage for the upcoming spawn in shallow bays all along the south shore and are ready to ...
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    How to catch BIG early-season river walleyes

    You dreaming of open-water yet? No doubt winter has taken its toll, and we’re jonesin’ to put fat ‘eyes boat-side! Lot of the lakes across the ice belt will be locked up for a while — say ’til July lol — but a handful of river systems are open and can kick out pre-spawn giants like these:

    We reached ...
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    Catch more fish with tuned crankbaits

    The best trollers in the game do things differently, but are always precise. One of their overlooked tweaks is running “tuned” crankbaits to get the best possible action out of a bait — it’s been proven to flat-out put more fish in the boat.

    No doubt tuning baits with a pliers can mess up a crank’s action more than it helps — been there! There’s finally a tool
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    Balance Lures for Big Panfish

    by Cory Schmidt

    Balanced jigging lures may be the least understood category of ice lures, yet they have remarkable traits. Panfish purists often ignore them, despite baits in this category that are less than 2 inches long with #12 to #18 hooks. Little is known about the lineage of balanced lures of Scandinavian origin, other than that Finnish lure craftsmen Lauri Rapala and his son Esko created what was likely the first balance lure for ice fishing in 1961, what we know today as the Jigging Rap.

    Two years later, another Finland-based ...

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