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    How to Icefish for Panfish Like a Pro this Winter

    Load up on first-ice panfish


    Early ice is the best ice for panfish. Weed beds and mud bottoms are key.

    The morning began for Brian Brosdahl as most of his winter days do—drilling holes through the freshly frozen surface ...
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    Walleye Fly Ins

    Gord Pyzer

    I’ll never forget my first fly-in fishing trip to a remote outpost camp in northern Ontario. I was a university student and had saved enough money from a summer job to take my dad, who had introduced my brother and me to fishing and who had always yearned to experience a fly-in trip.

    We flew out of White River, a small town on the north shore of Lake Superior, between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, to a puddle of water called Jembi Lake, in a piston-driven Beaver floatplane that was so noisy you couldn’t hear yourself think.

    Calling it a “camp” was charitable. It was a small, weather-beaten ...
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    3 Tricks For Big Walleyes in Cold Water

    Find and target concentrated walleyes in the dead of winter


    The average high temperature in Minneapolis, Minn., in December is 23.7 degrees. Yes, that’s the high. Average lows are around 7.5. To most anglers in the U.S., this sounds like a special form of hell. This is when you ...
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    A Case for Selective Panfish Harvest

    Cory Schmidt

    Panfish could use a press agent. Collectively, full-grown bluegills, crappies, and perch would benefit from a newer, progressive image. Maybe start with a new name—anything not synonymous with gorging oneself on piles of crispy, delicious bites of flaky white meat.

    Palmfish? Funfish? The “People’s Fish?” Okay, I can’t think of anything good at the moment. But now that I mention it, I could go for a perch po’ boy sandwich. A couple 11-inchers from clear icy waters would do me just right. Might invite a few friends. Two fair perch apiece ought to get the job done.

    Roll those ...
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    The Search for Giant Perch

    Steve Ryan

    Yellow perch hold a special place in the hearts of hardcore panfish anglers. Seasoned anglers can recount the precise details surrounding the capture of their biggest yellow perch from decades past as though it was yesterday. Others spin tales of the day they got into a mother lode of jumbos and filled a fish basket too heavy to lift. For those that grew up
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    Ice Fishing
    It's Time To Think About Ice Fishing by Bob Jensen
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    Upsize Panfish this Winter
    Jason Mitchell
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    Ice Safety

    Floating a Lifesaving Idea by You

    Falling through the ice is scary and potentially life-threatening no matter the circumstances. Upon first being submerged, most people experience a physiological condition known as cold shock, causing accelerated breathing, a spike in blood pressure, and a gasping reflex. This can result in sudden death caused by cardiac arrest or drowning.
    After overcoming the initial shock of being submerged in near freezing water, you must gain your composure, assess and stabilize your situation, conserve
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    Prime Time Strategies For Ice Pike

    Matt Straw

    Run. Slow down. Walk the last 10 yards, eyes focused on the spindle atop the shaft. Spinning? No. The tip-up is lifted carefully, placed gently, line brought in slowly. Pressure. Stand up and pull. It pulls back, hooks on the homemade quick-strike rig worrying home. Another pike circles us under 5 inches of clear, smooth ice. Everybody runs over to watch the show as a bulging package of green muscle flashes past under our feet.

    Every day spent scanning the expanse of gray for sudden orange punctuation marks to appear is a learning
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    Spring Bobber Awesomeness

    Jim Edlund

    Thanks to GPS, digital cartography, powerful sonar/flasher technologies, and compact underwater cameras, today’s ice anglers are finding fish faster than ever before. But location is only part of the equation. So we dial in jig weight, profile, color and add a micro-plastic or livebait, adjusting jigging cadences (or keeping baits still) to trigger a bite. Even then, it’s not over—our eyes and hands must read the bite, all the more difficult on pressured waters and during daylight ...
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    Fish the Edges for Fall Pike

    Steve Ryan

    Northern pike are cunning predators adept at feeding in packs, while also solitary assassins. In addition to their keen senses of sight, smell, feel (vibration), and hearing, they possess stealth, speed, and agility. They know how to use environmental and structural edges to ambush or concentrate prey. Edges may come in the form of inside or outside breaks in vegetation or open lanes on flats. Rock ledges and points are visually dramatic edges, while bottom content transitions ...
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    Finding Walleyes

    Cory Schmidt

    If there’s one thing you learn in over 30 years of chasing walleyes, it’s that good spots are good spots, sometimes even independent of the season. Along the location trail, it’s common to uncover spots that look appealing on a lake map, but don’t attract walleyes because they lack baitfish, vegetation, or other critical habitat; or sometimes it’s as simple as the structure is in the wrong part of the lake; or it’s not exposed to the right current or wind.

    Humps are examples of a seemingly obvious location that often fails to consistently attract walleyes. Humps in many ...
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    Vertical Walleye Fishing

    Steve Ryan

    Walleyes seem genetically programmed to react to rising and falling prey. One of the easiest meals for any predatory fish is crippled or dying baitfish. They often dart upward erratically, only to lose momentum and drift downward. This up-and-down movement draws attention. For this reason, vertical lure motion is fundamental to walleye fishing.
    Not every vertically presented bait draws a bite, though. It takes an understanding of various techniques and their subtleties to increase your catch. One of the more widely publicized vertical techniques in recent years is ripping lipless crankbaits. Lures such as spoons, swimbaits, ...
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    Best Way To Catch Walleyes Today

    Cory Schmidt

    Legendary walleye men Bob Propst Sr., Gary Roach, and Mike McClelland were so ahead of their time that, other than lure tweaks and bit of technology, the trio could have probably written this article back in 1987.

    Gary Parsons, a walleye star past and present, refers to them as “next-level predatory anglers,” gifted fishermen with a nose for tracking fish. Parsons isn’t talking about simply being able to catch more than your buddies. He’s referring to the talent of sniffing out, stalking, and targeting one king-size walleye at a time, regardless of whether the fish is holed ...
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    5 Ice Fishing Rods to Build Before First Ice

    Jeff Simpson

    Check out what it takes to build high-performance ice rods that can hook and handle everything from crappie, bass, and walleye to pike, musky, and anything else lurking under the frozen surface.

    Ice fisherman can already sense the season. Between the cold, crisp air and the sound of augers chewing through ice, anglers are eager to establish this year’s frozen honey hole.

    But getting to the hole is only half the battle, the real fun begins once the hook is set and the fight is on.
    Regardless of what’s hooked up on the other end, knowing your ice rod can get the ...
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    LCD Ice Fishing Performance

    Dan Johnson

    Though they met some resistance at first, liquid crystal sonar displays have evolved into frontline allies of anglers across the Ice Belt. Advances in technology and design have elevated these units to incredibly effective machines, adept at painting detailed pictures of the world below the ice. Throw in the latest in GPS mapping and high-end cartography, and a new LCD just could be your next key tool for catching more fish this winter.

    A Look Back
    Undeniably, many early LCDs didn’t work well on
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    Full Moon Walleyes

    Doug Stange

    It has been said, about the death of those close to us, that as long as there is memory, those we love remain with us—we’re never more than a thought apart, as love lives on in the heart. That sentiment also works for activities we love that we’ve mostly left behind for various reasons.

    The 20 Septembers, chasing elk in high-country Wyoming, bow in hand and backpacking, aspens inflamed on mountain sides, bulls bugling in the distance, lives on in the heart, now that climbing through high country isn’t so easy anymore. ¶ So it is with my shorefishing for walleyes. I’ve always called it “shorecasting.” Busy lives and duties that don’t allow late nights fishing conspire to limit the times I can go. Yet I’ve probably spent more ...
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    Walleye Spinner Rigging Refinements

    Dan Johnson

    If you’re looking for a revolutionary, headline-grabbing new walleye tactic that’s sure to raise eyebrows this season—this isn’t it. But if you’re interested in refining a time-tested presentation that easily and efficiently puts fish in the boat under a wide range of conditions, consider the following observations on spinner-rigging carefully.

    The science of spinner-rigging for walleyes is no flash in the pan. It’s actually more of an ever-changing art form that dates back to the late 1920s and, according to In-Fisherman research, was most likely first practiced on Minnesota’s mighty Lake Mille Lacs.

    Early spinner rigs were primitive. They ...
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    Muskie Fishing Secrets

    Dan Johnson

    Few freshwater experiences rival the adrenaline rush you get when a monster muskie shadows your lure to the boat. But this addictive surge of epinephrine can make it hard to focus on the best course of action to convert follows into strikes and, more importantly, get the fish in the boat.

    Even if you manage to keep your cool, turning lookers into biters is not easy, especially on heavily pressured waters where jaded dragons have seen every move in the book. Whether you enjoy muskie fishing on a few select trips each season ...
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    Crankbait Vibration For Walleyes

    David Harrison

    Crankbaits are among the most versatile walleye lures and their abilities to create vibration often are overlooked. One challenge in understanding crankbait vibration is that it takes two numbers to describe—frequency and amplitude. And these values change with trolling speed, line size, and whether a snap is used to attach lures.

    Berkley has promoted the understanding of crankbait motion with a system described by yaw, sway, roll, surge, pitch, and heave. The company prints ...

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