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    The New World-Record Archery Elk

    Wow, great read and an awesome bull! Go to last post

    Nanky 08-24-2017 08:01 AM


    Vollmer thanks for that article. About ten years ago I purchased two nice lead core setups on... Go to last post

    PrairieGhost 08-14-2017 08:17 AM

    17-Pound Walleye In North Dakota

    Why is everyone so excited? I don't feel accomplished while catfishing until I get one over 20... Go to last post

    CatDaddy 08-09-2017 07:10 PM
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    Souris Valley Ducks Unlimited Fall Banquet

    Thursday, September 28th
    Grand Hotel, Minot, ND Doors open at 5:30

    $40 single $60 couple $20 kids

    Come join us for a fun evening and help ...
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    Walleye Senses

    Dan Johnson

    Consistently successful walleye fishing isn’t the result of black magic, flukes, or luck. It can be learned through a basic process that’s quantifiable and predictable. It’s also relatively simple, though it does take time and effort to master.

    In-Fisherman’s teaching system has held to these tenets for decades, and taught countless anglers how to catch more fish and have more fun. Unfortunately, the basis for sustained walleye fishing success often gets overlooked, overshadowed by the same factors that have made achieving such success difficult for generations of anglers.
    The problem is, too many anglers seek shortcuts to success—a magic lure, ...
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    Stocking of fingerlings ensures future fishing success

    DOUG LEIER N.D. Fish and Game Department

    More than 12 million walleye fingerlings were stocked in more than 130 waters across the state this year, besting the previous high by more than 1 million fish.

    North Dakota Game and Fish Department

    As a prairie kid in the 1980s, the image of a Game and Fish distribution

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    Chinook salmon thrive following river floods

    DOUG LEIER N.D. Game and Fish Department

    After a few down years following the Missouri River flooding in 2011, salmon are doing well in Sakakawea.
    N.D. Game and Fish Department

    Count me among the thousands of North Dakota anglers who enjoy knowing that if we want to experience the thrill of catching a hard-fighting Chinook ...
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    How To Fish For Fall Walleyes


    Fall is trophy time, particularly for hawg walleyes. Cooling water seemingly triggers a prewinter feeding binge. The ramifications, however, reach far beyond simple water temperature and enhanced activity; the changing environment causes fish to behave differently than they do in summer. The better you understand walleye options and efficient ways of contacting and catching them, the greater your cornucopia of trophy action.

    In fall, the challenge becomes quickly locating walleyes through a combination of electronic sightseeing and aggressive presentations, coupling what you see with what you catch to determine patterns of preference. The word aggressive is relative, basically meaning using the fastest possible presentation you can get away with while ...
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    Top Great Plains Fall Fishing

    by D.H. Willis

    Now comes the very best time of year for many sportsmen in the Great Plains for fall fishing. It’s a time when fishing success picks up considerably and when one can combine that with a hunt for game in the field as well.

    For anglers, the dog days are past and the fish are getting friskier and feeding more heavily. What follows are some of the very best fishing opportunities anglers can enjoy this time of year.

    Photo By Ron Sinfelt

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    Will 2017 Solar Eclipse Impact Hunting & Fishing?

    by Game & Fish Online Staff

    Celestial rarity meets game and fish on Monday during the 2017 Solar Eclipse. What’s gonna happen?
    Call it an opportunity to be part of a grand wildlife experiment – whether it is or not.

    While we know how humans will behave when the first total solar eclipse seen in the U.S. in 38 years arrives Monday — millions filling motels, campgrounds ...
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    Methods for Search and Go Walleye
    Backwater Eddy
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    Here's What 7 Major Fish and Game Conservation Groups Have to Say About Climate Change

    No matter what you think causes it, our natural world is changing. Here's how top species conservation groups are dealing with it ...
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    by H.G. TAPPLY ...
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    The Latest Spin On Slow-Death Rigging

    by Dan Johnson

    Once a top-secret tactic known only to a handful of guides and touring pros, slow-death rigging has become a go-to presentation for anglers across the Walleye Belt. It’s no surprise, given the uncanny ability of a slowly spinning bait to trigger strikes when other methods don’t. You can also cover water, either in search mode or when syphoning up scattered fish. As the rig rose from obscurity, a number of manufacturers built hooks and rigs aimed at this market, giving anglers more options for giving their riggings a new twist.

    “Slow-death rigging has been around awhile,” ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    I was at a friend’s cabin near Hackensack, MN last winter when my cell phone rang. It was Al Lindner, and Al’s excitement was infectious. We both talked at length about an idea that’s probably the number one question I get no matter what I do in ...
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    Fall, Spring, Summer, Open - Water Fishing

    by Joel Nelson

    Photo Credit - Matt Addington

    My initial forays into leadcore for walleyes were pretty basic. Start with a full-core (10 color) setup, drop back a crankbait until it “ticked” bottom occasionally, and wait for a walleye ...
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    Night Walleyes: Don’t Stop Fishing at Sundown

    by Steven Johnson

    Fishing for night walleyes on your favorite lake might be better than you’ve seen all day.
    By Steven Johnson

    With eyes adjusted to the darkness, you can make out the lakeshore, but it’s more than a cast’s distance away so you’re really just throwing in its general direction, across a big flat.

    Everything is done by feel as you swim your minnow-shaped lure beneath the surface. You perk up when your lure kicks bottom or the tops of the weeds, but ...
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    Game and Fish has a long history in North Dakota

    DOUG LEIER N.D. Game and Fish Department

    The first statewide archery season for deer was held in 1954. Game and Fish issued 1,119 licenses for that first season.

    My years of experience and work as a biologist ...
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    Thermocline Panfish

    by Cory Schmidt

    A story or two beneath the surface lies an almost supernatural veil of water where more life, death, and other astonishing things happen than any of us probably care to imagine.

    This disruption in the underwater continuum, the thermocline, represents super-science at work and a vigorous melting pot of living things—in other words, a potential goldmine of angling opportunity. Water, current, algae, temperature, oxygen, fish, and thermodynamics collide in a seemingly implausible, yet natural progression.

    In technical terms, the thermocline has been defined as the lake layer where water temperature drops by at least one-half ...
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    A 17-Pound Walleye Is Swimming In North Dakota

    by Mike McFeely

    This is no fish tale: There is a 17-pound walleye swimming in North Dakota’s Lake Sakakawea.

    State fisheries biologists netted it last spring during the spawning run, weighed it, stripped it of its eggs and returned it to the massive reservoir on the Missouri River.

    Given the size of Sakakawea, there’s likely many — relatively speaking — gigantic ...
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    State park user fees to increase


    Visitors to North Dakota’s state parks will see an increase in fees over the next few months, due to legislation passed during this year's Legislative Assembly.

    The daily vehicle pass, which allows ...
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    Walleye aren't the only fish in town

    DOUG LEIER N.D. Game and Fish Department

    In the past 10 to 20 years, bluegill fisheries and angling has expanded.
    N.D. Game and Fish Department

    Ask an angler with his friends or co-workers within earshot what his three favorite North Dakota fishing targets and you’ll likely hear walleye, walleye and walleye.
    But bluegill? Likely not in the first casts of most campfire conversations. But maybe they should be.

    “I think it’s safe to say, in terms of quantity and quality, the bluegill fishing in parts of North Dakota hasn’t been this good in the last 30-plus years,” said Greg Power, ...

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