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    Unbreakable: 15 World-Record Catches

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    BBQBluesMan 07-19-2017 02:02 PM


    Vollmer this is a good read. Should be a must read for a few of the self proclaimed experts on... Go to last post

    Zogman 07-12-2017 04:21 PM

    Why Anglers Don't Let Bananas In the Boat

    I told my brother about the banana thing. He laughed and proceeded to eat 3 bananas prior to us... Go to last post

    Walleye_Chaser 05-31-2017 08:14 AM
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    Secrets for Late-Summer Bluegills

    It’s no secret that on hot late-summer afternoons, bites from most freshwater species come few and far between. Largemouths, smallies, and trout often turn sluggish, which can make for a maddening day on the water. But that’s when bluegills can save the day. With a little creativity and savvy, you can coerce these little fighters to open up—​and score a full stringer in the process. Here’s how three pros make it happen during the final, ...
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    Travelers need awareness of aquatic nuisance species

    DOUG LEIER N.D. Game and Fish Department

    Compare gas prices now to just a few years ago and it’s easy to understand that anglers want to take the opportunity to explore more lakes, rivers and reservoirs. I’m not just talking North Dakota, either.

    But this additional travel also requires more ...
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    Unbreakable: 15 World-Record Catches That May Never Be Beaten

    By Steven Hill

    Records are made to be broken. Just ask the Golden State Warriors, who, in April 2016, surpassed an NBA record for regular-season wins—set by Michael Jordan’s ’96 Chicago Bulls—an achievement long thought impossible to top. But some all-time marks—Cal Ripken’s 2,632-consecutive-game streak, say, or Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point single-game-scoring record—look truly untouchable.

    So, in the realm of outdoor sports, which all-tackle fishing records may never fall? Field & Stream asked Jack Vitek, world-records coordinator for the International Game Fish Association, to share his take on the IGFA records least likely to be beaten.

    1. Black Marlin

    Cabo Blanco, Peru
    August 4, 1953
    1,560 pounds
    Alfred Glassell, Jr.

    Glassell initially set the world record in 1952, when he became the first angler to catch a “grander” black marlin. He watched his record fall within days but reclaimed the title not long after that with a 1,090-pound catch. A year later, Glassell boated this 1,560-pounder, which has reigned as the world’s largest marlin for more than 60 years. Footage of the fight—wherein the big billfish purportedly soars from the water 49 times—was later included in the film version of The Old Man and the Sea.

    Courtesy of IGFA


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    Catfish: What You Need to Know About How They See

    by Keith Sutton

    During a recent fishing trip, one of the fish I managed to land turned out to be a blind blue catfish. Both the fish’s eyes had been injured and destroyed somehow. Yet despite this disfigurement, this 16-pound catfish was still very healthy. Its belly was bulging with food. It ...
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    Summer, Spring, Open - Water Fishing, Fall

    Bill W. Asks:
    Just got back from a great trip to Lake of the Woods. Subject came up with lots of discussion. Are big walleyes sterile and does putting them back help or hurt the general population. One said a MN DNR conservation officer told them to take them home, as they don't breed and they compete with smaller walleyes. ...
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    What Trophy Bluegills Eat

    Steve Ryan

    Trophy bluegills are anything but shy about eating. It’s how they grow double chins and helmet heads. The key for anglers becomes identifying what trophy ‘gills are eating and the seasonal location of their preferred prey. For every season there is a recipe for catching binging bluegills. Even when they’re spawning, big bluegills can still be aggravated into consuming a well-placed bait.

    There’s no quicker way to understand what big bluegills are eating throughout the year than to ask a devoted panfish guide. Garett Svir operates Slab Seeker Guide Service in ...
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    Poll: 94 Percent of Anglers Depend on Public Access


    Public access to the Yellow River in Wisconsin.

    Tony Webster via Flickr

    A recent survey of American hunters and anglers suggests that public land is even more important for access to fishing than it is for hunting. And public land is critically important ...
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    Release fish properly for the next angler to catch

    DOUG LEIER N.D. Department of Game and Fish

    When releasing a fish, place it in the water, gently supporting the mid-section and tail until it swims away.

    I’ve always preferred simple tackle for fishing — bobbers, jigs, spoons and hooks — though I’m not categorically against using the latest legal tools and technology.

    I call it low impact angling. Some call it bobbers and worms. Whatever ...
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    Go With the (Water) Flow for Summer Walleyes

    by Dan Johnson

    Armed with the right approach, your summer walleye fishing will be great all season. Just check out this expert advice to learn how you can make it happen.

    Walleyes are prized catches year-round in lakes, rivers and reservoirs across the country.

    While our love for these marble-eyed beauties doesn’t diminish in midsummer, this can ...
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    Exercise restraint on North Dakota waters

    DOUG LEIER N.D. Game and Fish Department

    No matter where in North Dakota you call home, finding a place to wet a line or relax on a boating excursion is not too far away.

    It's kind of an interesting thought, as the state has more waters than ever to use for recreation, and we also have more people registering watercraft ...
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    Why You Should Use Circle Hooks for Catfish

    Using circle hooks for catfish can result in more hook-ups and reduce mortality of caught-and-released fish.

    By Keith “Catfish” Sutton

    If you had checked the end of a catfisherman’s line just 20 years ago, you might have found almost any type of hook tied on.

    Reduced fish mortality and increased hook-ups are important reasons circle hooks are the ideal choice when catfishing. (Photo ...
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    2017 Walleye Tournament Trail Trends

    Cory Schmidt

    Shenanigans aside, interesting outcomes occur when you assemble large groups of fishermen into the same competitive confines. So it was about 1989 that legendary walleye pros Bob Propst Sr. and Mike McClelland found themselves pre-fishing what would be the Masters Walleye Circuit’s (MWC) first-ever visit to the marvelous Bays de Noc, Michigan. Bob’s son, Bob Propst Jr., was also practicing for the event, and had landed on a beehive of big fish.

    Then-tournament director Jim Kalkofen recalls the mischief that followed: “Bob Jr. was excited about the school of fish he was on, but he was so paranoid other anglers might find it after that last practice day that he secretly placed a mallard duck decoy right near his spot—a rock point—to disguise ...
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    Why anglers should never, ever bring bananas on a boat

    by Gord Pyzer

    Yes, we have no bananas

    For centuries sailors have tried to steer clear of bananas. Here's why

    I spent an enjoyable day in the backwoods last week exploring a new lake with friends Carolyn Kosheluk and Bruce Hodgson. But it could have been disastrous.

    You see, at shorelunch, Carolyn ...
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    Article by Dave Csanda

    With the springtime post-spawn bite in full swing, it’s perfect time to fish shallow water for walleyes, particularly during the lowlight hours at dusk and dawn, and on into the night. And sometimes, even during the day if sunlight penetration into the ...
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    Spring, Summer, Open - Water Fishing

    Blayne Kasper asks:

    I am just wondering if you have any quick tips to trolling crankbaits for spring walleye (speed, amount of line out/depth, equipment) that sort of thing. I usually fish smaller to mid sized lakes in Central Minnesota, and I am relatively new ...
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    How to Find Spring Walleyes Fast

    Get up on plane and in on the race for the biggest walleyes of the season


    A trolled-up cigar walleye headed for the fish box.

    Robert Robertson

    No matter how good you think you are, or how long you have been doing it, there remains one immutable truth about ...
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    Walleye Line Choices

    The Line On Walleye Lines

    Walleye anglers today have a vast number of choices in the fishing lines they use, and while some types are best suited to certain situations and presentations, Team Northland‘s Tony Roach says braided line fills the bill for most of his fishing needs.
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    The better way

    Why so many anglers struggle, and how to do better

    We had a beautiful old shade tree in the backyard that was on its last legs. I never knew what kind of tree it was—an ornamental of some sort—as it produced a blue berry-like fruit that kept the bohemian waxwings fed all winter.
    Unfortunately, the trunk started rotting and with its thick limbs hanging over the garage—with my Kingfisher boat tucked safely inside—it had to come down. Now, ...
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    Oh the disappointment. You just caught a monster, and your buddy running the camera found a way to make a massive fish look small, blurry, and blown-out overly-bright. The hours and waited days of anticipating a great shot that speaks for itself, are suddenly broken by an image that begs explanation,
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    Al Lindner’s 30-day post-spawn rule

    > One of the things we learned about early season walleye is what we call the 30-day rule. This rule primarily applies to smaller and medium-sized natural lakes and reservoirs. This rule DOES NOT apply to the Great Lakes or other huge bodies of water ...

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