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    • Nice little walleye chop yesterday.
      by DirtyMike
      Fun one on goose lake...
      by Dad
      It's still way too much fun when 4-7lb fish are on the chomp!  We had quite the little trip!
      by Captain Ahab
      The Snootys were burning a hole in the package to get out fishing, so I took them out for a rip.  Turns out, they still can get the job done!
      by Captain Ahab
      It is time to deploy the power of SNOOTY!
      by Captain Ahab
      Fat 6 3/4lb lake whitefish from the tailraice.
      by MSA
      29" C&R 7/2/18
      by Petras
      29" C&R 7/2/18
      by Petras
      BD768249 E668 44AF BD18 4626206C0BC1
      by Fracman
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