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      Vollmer On June 12, 2018, 10:04 pm
      Catch & Cooking Fish + Selective Harvest
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      by Buckmaster81
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      by Buckmaster81
      27"  lake sak van hook
      by Velva_zv18
      Winnipeg Walleye 
10 lbs 
I had him mount it as was, in color, and flaws (including that broken fin).  
 Great job MSA.  The picture does not do...
      by Vollmer
      Dads 19-1/2"
      by dwos03
      Brothers 26-1/2"
      by dwos03
      First fish was a slough shark
      by dwos03
      Micahs first walleye of the day!
      by Vollmer
      59CBEECE 36CD 4B2B B11F 09D8DEAACB1F
      by PK Lures
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