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      Deer license changes? (Votes: 190)

      1. The system is fine, No change is needed (Votes: 142)

      2. 1 lottery tag that can be used in any season (bow, rifle-unit specific or muzzleloader - statewide) (Votes: 26)

      3. Statewide archery OR "rifle tag" be used in bow or rifle (unit/sex specific) OR sep. muzzleloader (Votes: 7)

      4. Limited bow only tag for statewide and 1 lottery tag that can be used in any season (Votes: 9)

      5. Previously suggested1 license/tag system (Votes: 6)

    • Kept a blacktip since I had all the essentials to clean one properly.  Had to bleed and gut it instantly.  Then fillet asap and get the skin off the...
      by MSA
      6' blacktip
      by MSA
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      by 7mmshooter
      2F04C0BF 4132 431D AAC4 792766B9865B
      by 7mmshooter
      3F50A1FC 857F 47E3 A57E 65C800FEBE38
      by 7mmshooter
      20180915 193731 
My 2nd youngest daughter Gage was able to take her 1st deer opening weekend of the youth season. Excellent hunt, she made a great...
      by ShootnBlanks
      Not the monster I'm after, but a good start.  BTW, I'm never holding a shark like that again.  I must have rubbed it's skin against the grain on my...
      by MSA
      2018 Pig Roast
      by luvcatchingbass
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