7/15 Van Hook

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As if anyone needs another report on how good Van Hook is this summer, but i digress. I took a buddy from work, his wife and one of their friends out Saturday morning. I had planned to be on the water around 6:30 to beat the heat, but due to some set backs we didn't make it out until almost 10:00 AM. The ramp was a zoo, and after seeing piles of boats on top of every piece of structure out there we found a good place to drift north of 8 lb.

I set my crew mates up with BB & spinners with crawlers & leeches. We had our first fish not even a minute after the first line went in. After i got them all set and got our course set, i decided to throw on a jigging rap just to be different. Again, a couple minutes after i dropped it in, scored a nice 23". After that it seemed like you'd drift over a spot and we'd pick up 2-3. fished mainly 20-30 feet, and we seemed to have better bites going against the wind trying to get back into position for another drift.

We ended the day with 12 eyes and a bonus 15 lb carp that put up a hell of a fight. When we got back in, there was a huge line at the cleaning station, so we decided to throw the fish in the cooler and clean em at home. Judging by the huge piles of fish remains on the cleaning table as we drove by, i'd say there were a lot of eyes caught today.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Mort's Avatar
    Nice everyone is catching fish....but it s gonna get fished out soon I'm afraid Just insane that the bite is going on for so long.

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  2. 701FishSlayer's Avatar
    Can't believe the bite is that hot. Just about skipped the cleaning station too but waited.

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  3. jdinny's Avatar
    Van hook remains Insane!! We were on the water by 915 sat and don't know how many fish we caught. We kept our 15 and released many many more. Fished 2 different sunken islands. Only boat both places. Not many boats in site . Slow death, spinners and BB. 12-20ft . Unbelievable how good it was this wknd.

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