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A buddy and I fished the AIM event out of NewTown. We ended up going straight to 8lb, fighting some big rollers. We picked up a 23.75" right off the bat, and had high hopes. We picked up a few others there, then decided to try and get back into the river area. It was a roller coaster ride at 10 mph back. Once into the river it was not too bad. We poked through a few spots and had a card filled with 20"+ fish. I ended up losing our kicker fish. Bastard spit the hook. I almost broke my rod over my knee. Guessing that fish would have put us close to a top 10 finish. Ended up 24th with 18.69 lbs.

There were big bags across the board. Many 23"+ fish on peoples cards. The fishery is in about as good of shape as I have ever seen it. Get out there and fish. Going to look back on these years as the glory days.

Thanks to AIM for a great event. Still my favorite format. You guys run a damn fine tournament series.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Walleye_Chaser's Avatar
    Nice work! What was the best presentation for you guys?

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  2. Vollmer's Avatar
    Slow with crawlers was our best, but it sounded like a couple of the top teams were running cranks in shallow water.

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  3. sweeney's Avatar
    We fished the tourney also never left the river part as during prefish we were putting together way more than 5 over 22 everyday along with a 29.5 on Friday. We fell flat on our face sunday, trolling motor quit at 10:30 not sure if head unit or battery problem, made everything we wanted to do a pita, we started out hot on sunday had two 19.5 and a 22.75 on the card in 20 minutes after that caught numerous 18-19 inch fish that we didn't even put on the card because we knew we needed a 22 inch average with a 26-29 kicker to even compete and figured it wouldn't be a problem, then the small storm hit we went to our crank spot and that's when the troller quit. our crank bite from the last 2 days was dead as well. All in all perfect shit storm to happen on the tourney day, after a days with 29lbs on 5 and 24lbs on 5 we got just shy of 15lbs for the tournament. Fishing all in all in the river section was pretty damn good though with roughly 50-75 fish days prefishing we were in the 5-11ft range most of the time but did also get into some fish as deep as 20 on both cranks and rigs, also got a few pitching plastics.

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  4. Hhug's Avatar
    Hey Vollmer,

    Where is 8lb island actually? I've seen several people mention it but if we go to DW we never usually fish into the van hook arm/parshall ever. Would you mind showing where it is? Maybe we'll check it out this fall if we head up there. Normally fish Ind/pouch/village and slide areas if we go up. Would more if we could but long haul from east end after driving 280 mi. one way already for the weekend!

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