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Hi Everyone, I thought I would start a new report on Salmon fishing. I was up on Tuesday and today and getting better but not by much. Tuesday was 85' to 95' caught two fish on a white flasher with rainbow colors down the middle of it with a glow in the dark squid. Missed two on this as well. Nothing else worked. This was over 135' to 140' of water. Today same set never even got touched! Todays colors were Fluorescent Green with glow in the dark squid for two of the four fish caught and the other two was on a blue flasher with glow in the dark squids and depth being the same as yesterday. Not sure why something works good one day and not the next? We ran short behind the ball (4' to 6') to 10' to 15' behind the ball. Shorter seems to be working better for me. All I got, Thanks and good luck. Going back on Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Ericb's Avatar
    Thanks for the update! I plan on camping over at Wolf Creek this weekend so hopefully I can pick a few up.

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  2. eliminator's Avatar
    Sorry you didn't do better Bob but I have been out there every this week and we have been doing well. There have been lots of fish caught in the depths you were fishing. We haven't been taking limits but very close and I know a number of people that have had limits quite a few days. The fish are nice shape and running in that 4-8 lb range. White has been a good color---especially the pearl white and for us the smaller flashers seem to work better. Have also had fish on green/chartruse. Tuesday we had 6 in the boat and lost 3 more at the boat and had quite a few shakers that didn't hook up and only fished until noon. Yesterday was a little slower for us with quite a few bites that didn't hook up but did put 2 in the boat----three friends of mine also had limits again yesterday. Hopefully the bite stays for a bit yet and maybe gets better---also hoping some bigger fish start showing up.

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  3. Robert W. Ackerman's Avatar
    I'll be up on the water first thing Friday morning. I will run some smaller flashers with white needle squids, thanks for the tip. We seen quite a few nets out yesterday and running some of the same thing they were. Makes one wonder why they don't hit? Then there are some who don't hook up at all so I am still fortunate that we have some in the hopper! Good Luck and if you see a LOWE Boat which is a Roughneck Model that would be me. It has a White Suzuki 140 hp Four Stroke on back. Oh, and a handsome old man in the driver seat! Ha HA HA

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  4. SlamminSalmon's Avatar
    Robert I'll be there early in the morning. In a nitro zv21 red white and silver. See you there. Would have called back but smashed my old phone.

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  5. Hookin8easy's Avatar
    See ya up there as well, black/silver stratos. I'm with Bob on that the same gear, speed, area and have had minimal success this year. I haven't been up yet to where I've seen much action at all though, maybe 10 a day. Gonna keep givin it hell though, it can't get much worse anyway lol

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  6. eliminator's Avatar
    Hope you are doing better on the salmon---for me it has been a bit slower the last couple of days now but that is fishing I guess. I am still seeing some fish caught but not as many as earlier in the week. A guy needs to have a lot of lunch along for fishing these things lol. Seems to make it all worth it when you do get one on tho. Seems like I am losing a lot of fish lately also---some hook up just for a bit and some never do get hooked up. I went to all gamagatzu hooks and all it seemed to do is make my pocket book lighter hahaha

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  7. Hookin8easy's Avatar
    We managed to get 2 today, missed 1. Had 6 shakers in a day a few weeks back which drove me to replace my offshore releases for the scottys, seem to be much better had getting a hookup.

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  8. Robert W. Ackerman's Avatar
    Hi again everyone, my son and I did make it there this morning. Took us 5 hours before we had any action but once we starting it got crazy. I got so excited even had one hitting my BRAND NEW ROD and I set the hook so hard I broke it in half!! Well I reeled up and it felt like nothing on but it was there! Netted and in the hopper it went. We had another to the boat only to wrap up in one of the other downrigger cables and cut the squid line right in half, saved the flasher but no fish. Long story so two fish today and green on green was our best presentation today and still running 85' and 95' and working water from 110' to 150' deep. Oh and to top the day off, blew a tire to shreds on the boat trailer on the way home!! Got it fixed and a another new rod so look out Salmon we're coming back tomorrow. Good Luck to all, Bob

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  9. Hookin8easy's Avatar
    Went 8 for 8 today by 1230, all at 85' over various depths, 5 on green/glow w green splatter back needlefish. All fish we had were on green or glow of sorts. Was a blast to actually get in on a good day, good luck to all. We were trolling 1.8 w 7' dropback and 13' dropback on the stackers

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  10. Robert W. Ackerman's Avatar
    What a busy day at the lake today!! We had gotten in around 7:45 this morning or so and didn't take long hooked up and scored one in the hopper! WOO WOO! Then from there we would connect and all the way to the boat only to watch them get off!! Lost 3 or 4 and had a few bumps on the line and nothing there. Green Flasher on green squids were our best again and 85' deep to 95' deep over anywhere from 110' to 165' of water. We run shorter behind the downrigger weights when we run 4 lines. Flasher will be 4' to 8' tops behind the ball. 1.8 up to 2.4 mph and drank a lot of coffee and fatpills (donuts)! We pulled out around 1:30 in the afternoon but still all in all a great day. We are so fortunate to have all of the different types of fishing here in North Dakota. We ran down to the tailrace and if you are looking for catfish, I guess smelt in the fast water and hang on! Chatted with some folks there and they were fishing for them. Happy smiles on their faces! Well until next time, good luck and have a save Labor Day weekend. Bob

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  11. eliminator's Avatar
    Hey Bob, was on the water today and had a great day---we boated 8 and lost about that many and also had a bonus catfish about 105 feet that put up a good fight. Was about 8-9 lbs and fat. We got off the water just around noon as the wind came up. All in all had a great day. Most all fish were on white and 86-105 down but mostly the deeper end on that scale. Hope to see you on the water one of these days.


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  12. Robert W. Ackerman's Avatar
    Thanks eliminator, I didn't make it there today. I had my list of things that needed tending to at home today. My son and sister went to Deep Water today and did fair. 5 cleaner walleyes and some junk fish they threw back. I knew the wind was going to pick up but a lot of time between now and snow so I'll be back on the lake soon. Bob

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  13. Green19's Avatar
    I made it up there yesterday, but I should have stayed home with my horrible head cold killing me. But NOT being out there was killing me worse. So I fished the intake area with no luck for a couple of hours. Years ago my son and I won the salmon derby over there and just had to check it out again for old times sake. This weekend is shot for me as my cold is awful. Will have to wait until next weekend. But then I should have my two new electrics installed and ready to fish! See ya on the water and good luck to all.

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  14. Riggen&Jiggen's Avatar
    Any news on the bite this week? Has it stayed good or slowed down? I was planning on going Sunday. How big are the salmon averaging this year? I hear they are getting 30lbers at Ft. Peck right now.

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  15. Troyna's Avatar
    Fished yesterday from sunup until 1. Had one release and that was it. Only seen a few caught. Last few days have been very slow from what I have heard.

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  16. SlamminSalmon's Avatar
    Was out yesterday from 630 till 1 had 2 on at 85 right away both came off and caught a walleye 95 down on a flasher squid. No other bites heard of a few caught but really slow.

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  17. Troyna's Avatar
    Fished with SlamminSalmon this morning from 6AM to 9:15AM. Fished from Government up about half ways to Dead Man's. Caught 3 from 7:15 to 8 or so. caught 2 at 76' with a white crush flasher and glow needlefish. Other came on smaller green and white flasher with green glow spatter back needlefish at 85'. Could only fish until about 9. On our way in we talked to a guy trolling in government bay running riggers down at 20-25' and he had 2. There were about a half dozen boats in the bay and a couple shore fishermen. Looks like they are starting to transition a little bit. Hope this helps anyone that is heading out. Good Luck to all.

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  18. Trolldeep's Avatar
    Out yesterday and caught 3 nice ones. 2 on a black and white spoon with small silver dodger, 1 on a bright orange spoon. No bites on anything else. 105'-115'. Went back today and tried everything I had, and I mean everything. Lost 1 at the boat, green flasher and blue needle fish. Saw a bunch netted.

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