Deepwater 8-29-2017

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We came up for our first Lake Sak trip, fishing Saturday through Tuesday. My nephew from Minot joined us Saturday. We started out at Sheep island and picked up 2 on chartreuse gulp killer crawlers on super death and one on a crawler harness. We moved up to the north side of Independence island in a crowd. Everybody was fishing deeper and we marked a lot at 45-50'. We picked up 4 more, mostly old school with a whole crawler on a naked red hook. Mostly 18-19". Picked up one more off Sheep on the way in. Sunday started on the East slides, caught only skipjacks or little perch, so we fished a little table top-sized hump at 33' north of Independence island and picked up 3 18-19" and a 15". Worked our way south to the West slides with no luck, finally switching to cranks on LC the last hour, getting 3 at 18-20" in 35' quickly.
Pulled cranks on the West slides all day Monday with great luck fishing 35', moving to 38' in the dead still heat of the day, then they moved back late with a little breeze.
Tuesday we pulled cranks along the east slides, finding them shallower 25-30'. I think the catching was better than Monday, lots in the 18-21" with one pig at 26". We released most of those, only needing a few to fill our limit. Flickershads in fire-tiger or Uncle Rico, or Rapala dtd's in fire- tiger. One of our best trips ever!

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