Red River 9-10-17

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We are coming into the final stretch of the catfish season. Fall is really in the air. The cats seem to be playing pretty well considering the water is really low. South Grand Forks above the dam has almost no current causing the cats to be spread out but still catchable. Below the dam in Grand Forks has some decent fishing but it is very treacherous to get around so be very very careful if you go down there. Drayton is low but still fishable, again be careful getting around the shallow areas.

Bait has changed a little this week with frozen suckers being the top but there is also a switch to day old dead suckers. (this does not mean out and stinky, just dead and on ice.) The cats seem to be near the main currents (which are not much) 15-20 minute sits and short moves to the fish should make for a good couple weeks still.
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Red River


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