Central Lake Sak and to the east end.

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Fished friday out of Beulah doing some local research for the Last Call Tourney, found a few fish at the pump house, as well as in Nishu. Pretty much a barren wasteland otherwise. We were Nishu to Beaver and east to Hazen Bay and west mouth of Douglas. The few fish we did find seemed to prefer cranks but rigs with a slow death and a leech seemed to work at the pump house ok. Found out at the rules meeting that a majority of the boats were running west and north. We weren't making that run but did run to home waters on the east end. 4 out of 69 boats went east.
We found fish stacked in up till about 12pm on any of the east end humps. We managed a 20+ fish day but not enough size to get us into the top 10 for money. Depths ranged from 28-38'

22.13lbs with 6 fish won the tournament and I believe it came from way up north.

Updated 09-11-2017 at 12:07 PM by Bauer

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  1. Rowdie's Avatar
    Well if you got over 20lbs and 22.13 won it there must of been a log jam in there not to go top 10. Good job.

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  2. sweeney's Avatar
    i think 20 fish were caught not 20 lbs

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  3. Bauer's Avatar
    yes sorry, 20 fish caught, We had 11.48lbs with 6 fish. I cant go back and edit.

    Edit, found the edit button haha.

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    Updated 09-11-2017 at 12:07 PM by Bauer
  4. Bfishn's Avatar
    I wasn't in tourney but saw a lot of boats come back screaming around the corner at Beacon. Saturday was tough for us but did good Sunday, Everything was in at least 40' and just full of smelt and puking them up everywhere. Pike we caught looked like they had all eaten basketballs.

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