Spearing at tobacco gardens

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I will be working in Watford city for the next month, I was wondering if anybody spears up here or is the water to dirty? I spear on the east end of sak and its clear..
Thanks Pat
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Brian Renville's Avatar
    It's possible but we don't see much of it because of the cloudy water. Try back in the bay aways, there is a little more gravel in a few spots and might make things a little easier.

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  2. NodakBuckeye's Avatar
    Closest I have seen anyone spear is Skunk Bay.

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  3. Filkow's Avatar
    It is good early and late. Didn’t get house out last year but did couple years ago and did good right off of point in campground by stairs. Drops off fast there. It was decent clarity then but has it good/bad days it seemed. Plenty of pike

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