Lost rod 4 hwy 23

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Probably a long shot here but fished out he new town area today and on the way home I managed to lose a rod out of the boat. It would be on hwy 23 between 4 bears casino and Makoti. 6' med action with a pfleuger reel with Cabela's rod sock.

As far as the fishing we got our 15 fish 16"-21". Great day to be on the water. Had to navigate some ice areas as well.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. dragoneyes's Avatar
    Sorry to hear you lost some equipment hope you have some luck finding your rod and reel. From prior experience when i use rod socks i know they can catch wind and act like a kite almost lost 2 rods and reels myself. When i go with buddy in his boat i make darn sure they are secure from flying around since his rod locker is full with his gear. Good luck

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  2. Sub_Elect's Avatar
    How's the change to a tiller treating you?

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  3. dragoneyes's Avatar
    Who are referring to if it is me i am to old to go without a shield especially when your blowing by me need some cover to hold my hat on. Hell my horses are only 1/2 minus 50 horses of your 350 horses.

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  4. sweeney's Avatar
    Probably wouldn't have lost the rod with a windshield

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  5. sweeney's Avatar

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  6. dragoneyes's Avatar

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