December 3rd Ft Rice open water

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Dirty Mike, my son and I hit the water at the crack of not so early Sunday for some river jigging. Dirty Mike caught the first couple fish and we had a fun day on the water. Ending up boxing 8 eater walleye and releasing one big girl that was just shy of 27

we were jigging with minnows in 10-20 FOW and saw quite a few fish caught in other boats.

Great day to be on the water.

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Missouri River


  1. CatDaddy's Avatar
    Excellent work! Most guys are thinking about their ice set ups....

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  2. JayKay's Avatar
    Yeah, sorry about that. My phone wasn't working..

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  3. Sub_Elect's Avatar
    I went out of Hazelton on the second with the old man in his rig. Same results. Lots of fun! This is without question the latest I have ever floated a boat. I think the only months I missed this year were January, February and March.

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  4. Sub_Elect's Avatar
    Nice fish by the way!

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  5. tikkalover's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JayKay
    Yeah, sorry about that. My phone wasn't working..
    Ha ha, they didn't call you either They did the same to me.

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    Updated 12-04-2017 at 01:50 PM by tikkalover
  6. DirtyMike's Avatar
    I thoroughly enjoyed the day regardless of the hangover.

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  7. huffranger's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyMike
    I thoroughly enjoyed the day regardless of the hangover.
    Yes sir ! Any day ending with chickens fighting over live minnows is a great day.

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  8. ranger150's Avatar
    I also fished last Sunday with good results. Looks like the Ranger will be out late this week/weekend! Fish ON!!!!

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