Hazelton Landing December 2nd

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Put in at Hazelton on the 2nd and ran North again. Caught a bunch and brought a couple home for the pan. Gotta say that this is the latest I have even floated a boat, I think the only months I wasn't fishing out of a boat in 2017 were January, February, and March. Fished with a bunch of good sticks this year and will be looking forward to getting the boat wet again in 2018.


  1. Riverbottoms's Avatar
    North to eckroth bottoms or the barrels? Brother and I plan on going out next Sunday to give it try.

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  2. BDub's Avatar
    Lucky guys. My fishing buddy is recovering from surgery or we would have been out. Nothing like late fall fishing.

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  3. Allen's Avatar
    I've literally had my boat in the Missouri in/near Bismarck every month of the year. Just not all months in the same year.

    Can be some good fishing, the biggest problem is how short the daylight. Things get pretty chilly even on a "warm" January day as the sun sets.

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  4. Sub_Elect's Avatar
    North of the ramp south of Ekroth. Slide in behind a bar and fish away. bite gets good right before dark. Jig and a minnow vertical

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