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Anyone been up to lake darling or anything around the Minot area? Heard Metigoshe has almost 10 inches already, heading up to darling tomorrow hopefully ice is thick enough
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  1. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Have fished Darling several times the last 3 is solid 6-7 inches off the Spillway ramp. After the last few nights, probably close to 10 by this weekend.

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  2. Vollmer's Avatar
    It was open water about 3/4 mile from the dam on tuesday. Heard the north end is still good.

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  3. ndfinfan's Avatar
    ^out from Landing 3 V? That area has been open for a few weeks...sure the geese keep it open. Down by the ranger station has been stable...solid. But as always this time of year with these conditions you gotta be smart and take all precautions!

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  4. Chooch's Avatar
    Thanks for the info we just moved up here from Fargo over the summer this is the first year I have my own stuff and no buddy’s to go with so learning the area and ice has been fun, heading up towards Grano this morning went up there thanksgiving day to check it out with my son and there was prolly 2-3 inches of ice then even with the warm up, you could see 20-30 yards off shore where there were holes drilled in the ice. Again thanks for the info my 6 yr old son loves to fish and loves to eat fish so makes it a lot more enjoyable to get out there and catch some

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    Updated 12-07-2017 at 07:52 AM by Chooch
  5. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Hey Chooch...welcome to the area! Yea, like I said Darling has been fine on the south end walking off the Spillway ramp...which is the first ramp before you go across the dam. But again, if you go out check the ice as you make your way out. Haven't decided yet where I'm going Saturday morning, but may end up going to Darling. If I go will be at Spillway before sunup...I drive a black F-150.

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  6. Chooch's Avatar
    Got up there this morning around 830 or so and wasn’t to far form the boat launch there was two other guys that were setting up about 20 yards from me I was there for 3-3.5 hours and not a nibble as I was leaving an older gentleman pulled up and said that is a great place for walleye from like 230-6pm said I was wasting my time there in the morning for walleye he had lgotten a good handle full of northern just off the rocks on the west side of the spill way

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  7. ndfinfan's Avatar
    I usually get set up before sunrise...have done well. Afternoon/evening bite good too. I go a little further north...up even with the ranger station or beyond. How was the ice?

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  8. Chooch's Avatar
    I was about 30 yds north of the boat ramp and the ice has about 7.5-8 inches the guys spearing another 20yrds farther than me pulled out his ruler and measured the block of ice they pulled up it was a 9.5-10in thick

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  9. ndfinfan's Avatar
    That's good news...solid!

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  10. Chooch's Avatar
    Ndfinfan did you make it out? Any luck? I am going out tomorrow morning

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  11. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Hey chooch...yea couple of us went down to Scooby Lake this morning...I ended up catching 17 walleye (personal best thru the ice) and 2 bonus 10 inch perch! Ice was solid 8-10 inches...walked out tho...probably 300 to 400 yards to get to our spot. Great! Where you going tomorrow? Buddy did show me a pic if the open water on Darling...damn wind this week. Be careful out there...good luck!

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  12. Chooch's Avatar
    It sure been to darling twice with no luck if you don’t mind me asking where abouts for the fishing access we’re you? My son wants to go with me and a lake like that would prolly have better ice than darling

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  13. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Tried sending you a PM chooch...your profile will not accept them? Anyway, Scooby is down near Max...access for the ice is on the east side. Was pretty crazy yesterday morning but the ice is solid. A guy actually took a wheel house out with a wheeler!

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  14. Chooch's Avatar
    I made it out there this morning with my son we were there about 4 hours and caught 12 walleye only kept 7 I bet there were 15-20 trucks there this morning thanks for the info

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  15. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Glad you and your boy were able to get out on the ice...great that you caught some fish as well! Temps don't look too promising this week to make ice...have to see how the week goes.

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