River Monster lurking north of Hazelton.

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Last Saturday had a great day on the river catching a limit of both walleye's and pike between the two of us. All the pike were released. Two years prior in the same location i managed to hook up with a 42'' pike what a battle, took a pic then released her. Well this pike my friend hooked was a lot longer and wider then my pike,maybe 48'' or more. He brought it in there was no way it was going to fit in his net and there is no way i am going to reach for her with a crank in its mouth. LOL So it was released healthy and pissed off. The colors on her side was amazing. Got me thinking could this be the same fish i caught 2 years ago? Wall mount lots of money, catching a monster and releasing her priceless.
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Missouri River


  1. Account Deleted's Avatar
    It’s possible. From perosnal experience, I think that pike are one species that handles catch and release well.

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  2. Sluggo's Avatar
    Thanks for releasing the big girl and thanks for valuing big pike! I think they are neat too.

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  3. BRK's Avatar
    i dream of catching a monster like this one day.

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  4. leier12's Avatar
    I would say it is more than likely not the same fish. 6" of growth in one year while already being 42" would be very very uncommon because once fish get that large growth rates are very minimal from year to year. My friend did however catch a 48" last fall just North of Hazelton, that could possibly be the same fish as that one

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  5. dragoneyes's Avatar
    To be exact had to look at catch and release certificate it was in October 24 of 2014 she would have no problem growing from 42'' to 48'' in that 3 yr time period. Sorry i said 2 years how time fly's. Hoping also somebody hooks her and will gets a pic to post.

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  6. leier12's Avatar
    Even in a 3 year period, very very unlikely

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  7. leier12's Avatar

    Take roughly a 42 in Pike 6-8 years to reach 48 inches

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  8. Lycanthrope's Avatar
    Pic would have been cool...

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  9. guywhofishes's Avatar
    no pics - really hard to imagine

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  10. guywhofishes's Avatar
    (hard to imagine not snapping a pic of it laying alongside boat)

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  11. BDub's Avatar
    Twice I have had raps ripped off near the Eckroth turn in the river. No idea how big it was but they felt very big. I have caught a couple of 15 pounders in the area so I have an idea of how a big one feels. They are out there.

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  12. dragoneyes's Avatar
    A snap shot or a video would have been great but with reeling in 3 other rods,and controlling the rig, it got kinda nuts besides my phone is old school really never even thought about a pic.. Really this is why other anglers i talk to dont like to post on here. Sorry if i hurt your feeling. Imagine that.

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  13. JayKay's Avatar
    dragoneyes, don't go away mad. nobody was disbelieving you. I too have had nice fish and not gotten a photo. It's betwixt summer and winter fishing, and we're all starving for pics of big fish.

    I often fish alone, and my phone/camera is in an inside pocket, gotta dig it out, etc. Lotsa fish get released without a pic.

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