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Went to Lake Josephine on Saturday (1/6/2018) with my neighbor and his son, who's going to be 7 years old. Got the Eskimo pop-up anchored in and the Big Buddy heater rolling, after drilling some holes. We fished from 1:30-5:30 and it was a slow day overall.

I let the boy, Parker, use the Aqua-Vu camera and he had a BLAST with it. Although we didn't catch anything, we saw quite a few perch (smaller ones) and two walleye that would come up and investigate his offerings, but he wasn't able to ice anything. We fished in about 15 feet of water about 300 yards straight west of the boat ramp. There were a few people on the far south end of the lake and few others scattered around the main area. Ice was about 15".

They have their Ice Fishing Tournament on Saturday, so good luck to those that go. I hope you have a better day than we did!
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