Geier Lake

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Fished Geier for the first time ever with a few buddies yesterday from 8-11:30AM. Also figured I would post a report from a lake other than New Johns for once! We fished 8-9 feet of water. One guy and I fished outside with a few dead sticks and tip ups spread out and each had a hole for jigging under the electronics. Other buddy and his son were in a portable about 25 yds away. Between the 4 of us we managed to keep 13 eyes between 14-19 inches, with the bulk of them being 14-15 inchers. We threw back 4-5 fish under 14, including one that looked like it may have been stocked by the game and fish this year! I won the award for smallest fish of the day no doubt. Dead sticks and tip ups ruled the day by a long shot with probably 75-80% of the fish coming that way and remainder jigging. By far and away my most productive outing of the season so far. Temp was good, but wind really kept a good day from being great. Ice was about 18 inches. Good luck and stay safe out there!
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