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Decided to try icing a few perch for the first time this year with a few buddies yesterday afternoon after spending the morning on Geier. Mud and Pearl were pretty close for us and had heard a few reports of some fish being caught in the area the day before. We set up on the north end of Pearl, just south of the big pressure ridge in 16 feet of water. Action was definitely not fast and furious. Between 4 of us, we iced 13 perch, kept 11. The majority of the fish kept were 9.5-10.5 inches, with 2 that went 12 being the biggest. I think only 3 of the 13 were caught jigging under electronics, and rest were caught on dead sticks. Also, small sized full minnows were much better for us than waxies or heads. We marked a ton of fish on the electronics, but they were just not active at all. I would say only about 1 out of every 6 or 7 fish marked actually made an attempt to bite. Hope to be there on a day when they decide to get really aggressive! Ice was 16-18 inches, and plenty of trucks and big houses on the lake. Good luck and stay safe out there!
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  1. jeranhoney1's Avatar
    Hello Mizzou21,

    I have read a few of your recent posts. I noticed that you have fished New Johns. I am from Bismarck and looking for a lake close by to try ice fishing. Would you recommend trying that lake? Have you fished it recently. I noticed according to your posts you were there closer to xmas time.


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  2. Mizzou21's Avatar
    I was there twice last week, wed 3rd and sat 6th. Fishing was very similar to my last few posts. I have been fishing in 8.5-11 feet of water on north side of the lake. On Wed, Lapper and I iced 7 eyes and ended up keeping 3. We had a 14, 15 and a 20.5. On sat I went to same area alone and caught 5 eyes and a dink perch. I again kept 3 eyes, 14.5,15.5 and 16.5. I would say yes it is worth a trip. The one thing I would tell you is more often than not it is a late afternoon/sunset bite. If you get set up by 4 pm and fish until 5:45 you will have your best chance. Also, the majority of my fish have been on dead sticks and tip ups. They just don't seem to be as active while I am jigging under my electronics. I also talked to a friend who has his house on the south side of the lake and had a good night last night and kept 4 nice fish and threw back 2, but the afternoon before he got stomped and only got 1 16. I am going to give it another shot this afternoon and see what happens. Have to take advantage of the warmer temps before the plunge this weekend! Good luck!

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  3. Golliathh's Avatar

    Hi there, I was wondering your opinion of pearl/mud lakes for this coming weekend. My friends dad came in from Montana and has never ice fished before. He would like to go with us but with the upcoming cold front I am uneasy of where to go. I am not worried of where to go much as I am about catching any keepers. I am fairly new to ice fishing and am willing to go where needed. I hear a lot about these lakes as far as perch. We had gone up to crooked lake on the 26th of Dec and caught nearly 50 perch but none of any size, however we were only in 8ft of water and was told we should've went deeper being that it was very frigid then aswell.

    Thank you for your time and excellent posts! Look forward to gearing any information anyone is willing to give. Also we were told to go try alkaline for walleye as well?

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