New Johns Tuesday Jan 9

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Finally got a chance to post from Tuesday. Went back to my honey hole New johns on Tuesday afternoon as the weather was awesome and was looking forward to an opportunity to hole hop outside and be comfortable for once! Joined a buddy on the south side this time. Set up our spread in 6-15 feet. We got set up about 3:30 and fished til 6. Had one flag go up about 5 min after set up and lost a nice fish on the fight. Was very quiet and not even a mark until shortly before 5. Had another flag go off and iced a nice eye. From 5-6 had a couple good flurries and ended with our 10 eyes on the ice. First limit of the year I have been a part of!! The nice thing was 9 of our fish came jigging under the electronics, which was a welcome change from last trips. If you marked a fish, they were aggressive and came up and hit the buck shot or wally talker. Buddy measured the fish and the smallest was 13.5 (swallowed buck shot) and the largest was 18.75. Rest were 14-16 inchers. Fish are nice and healthy out there right now! We lost 3 other good fish on tip ups and threw 2 smaller fish back on the jigging rods. Beautiful night, excellent fishing, and fun to spend some time on the ice with a good friend! 2 flags went up in 6-8 feet, rest of fish caught in 10-14. Good luck and be safe out there!
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New Johns Lake


  1. nybs's Avatar
    That's good to hear...it was the dead sea when I fished it about 5 years ago...although I am often told 'shoulda been here yesterday'

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  2. walleyeman_1875's Avatar
    Good to hear there are fish in that lake. I've made a few trips out there this year with very little to show for it.

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  3. Fishmission's Avatar
    the lake is a total enigma. I either catch one cigar or nothin. good report

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  4. gr8outdoors's Avatar
    Was out there today and barely marked a fish with not even a nibble!

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