Any fishing report for darling near the grano bridge or landing 3 ?

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Father in law is coming up to ice fish next week he has never been up on this side of the state, curious if anyone is catching anything up near grano bridge or landing 3
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Lake Darling


  1. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Hey Chooch...haven't fished Darling since before Christmas...was actually thinking about running up to Grano Sunday afternoon for a couple hours. If I go will let you know how I do...

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  2. Migrator Man's Avatar
    Long beards tourney up there tomorrow. We will see if anyone gets into them! I have not heard much from anyone up there. Last I heard was Grano was slow.

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  3. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Chooch...did you guys get up to Darling? Buddy and I gonna run up to Grano this afternoon just for a couple hours.

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  4. Chooch's Avatar
    I went up straight across from landing 3 on opposite side was there from 745ish till noon and didn’t catch anything was using northland buckshot lures with minnows, tried different colors and sizes, makes a lot, guy next to me in wheelhouse had caught a couple nice walleyes, didn’t ask him what he was using

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  5. ndfinfan's Avatar
    We got to Grano about 3PM...fished until 6...caught a big pike and a couple keeper eyes...but marked a lot of fish. Because it was so cold didn't work the holes outside the flipover as much as I should have. Nice warm up coming this week tho...

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