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I headed out to Alkaline yesterday along with the rest of the I fished it quite a bit last summer, along with the rest of the state. I caught 3-4 pike all summer long. I caught 10 yesterday and got bit off by two more. One of the ones that bit me off in my shack took one of my tip ups about 40 yards away an hour later so I got my lure back! Take that slimer! Any mark that acted more like a walleye would come off the bottom, sniff my jig and not bite. Weather was pretty brutal too. My buddy tried to join me after lunch but couldn’t see far enough across the lake due to snow to find me. I got stuck once on the way out due to lack of visibility and breaking through a hard drift I couldn’t see. All in all a fun day with a fair amount of pike action that I wish had been walleye!
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  1. zoops's Avatar
    Seems the walleye have been awfully finicky out there this winter.

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  2. pheasanthunter's Avatar
    Is the water clear enough to spear? Thanks

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  3. Lapper's Avatar
    I was in 14 feet and it seemed pretty clear

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  4. Lycanthrope's Avatar
    pike small?

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  5. Flannel's Avatar
    Tried Alkaline last weekend with three guys in 10 hours we got 0 fish. Water was very clear in 12-15 feet of water for what its worth.

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