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Anyone been up to darling in the grano area, the last day or two? How is the ice can you still drive most anywhere? Going to try and hobble out there Friday afternoon

Updated 04-05-2018 at 11:35 AM by Vollmer

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  1. ndfinfan's Avatar
    Haven't been up to Darling in a few weeks Chooch...can't imagine there are any issues yet with the ice. Buddy did fish the north side of Grano last week and he said there was actually some open water by the bridge. They punched some holes within about 30 feet of the open water...said the ice was only about 20 inches. Just be we get into March watch for expanding pressure ridges. Sunday on Audubon I cut more than 30 inches where we were at...another 2 or 3 inches and I'll need an extension for the Eskimo...which I'm not gonna buy...on principle's damn near March!

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  2. Chooch's Avatar
    I have heard that around the bridge and a few yards away from it never freeze like the rest of the lake, to much water movement with the current hitting the bridge supports I am going to drive up there tomorrow and check it out

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  3. Walleye Guy's Avatar
    Drove across Grano bridge yesterday. open water on the north side for maybe 75 yards. A little group of ice house on the south side straight out from the bridge where they usually are.

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  4. Migrator Man's Avatar
    Ice is fine still. Stay away from the bridge and pressure ridges.

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  5. Chooch's Avatar
    Have you came across any ridges? Or can see any?

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  6. Chooch's Avatar
    Didn’t get up we went to Audubon wishing I went to darling we didn’t even have a nibble on three lines in the fish house and 2 tip ups, fished in 3 different spots at 14,25,37 feet wasn’t making anything either fished from 730-330

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  7. ndfinfan's Avatar
    We fished Audubon Saturday...from 1100 till after dark...caught a few nice smallies and a couple dink walleye...thought the evening bite for walter would be better.

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