Fox Lake

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Has anyone fished Fox Lake? I see ND Game and Fish says abundant for walleye and perch and am thinking of taking the wife. Just wondering how the ice is, fishing, and any pointers on where to go since it doesn't have a topographic map.

Anything helps. Thanks!

Updated 04-05-2018 at 11:34 AM by Vollmer

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  1. martinslanding's Avatar
    I have never heard good reports through ice, it's a typical prairie lake have flat and shallow, there is a submerged road where the sunken ditches sometimes hold fish, there is also an old cattle hole on the north end that has some depth to it ... that is all I know

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  2. Holmsvc's Avatar
    The access isn't maintained so you will need trax or a sled. It is really a hit or miss lake.

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  3. KDM's Avatar
    The west side has traditionally been the best access though I haven't seen it personally this year. If you can get on the lake, start at the middle of the lake on the road where you get on the lake and work your way north. Drill holes every 50 yards or so until you find fish. I've generally stayed in the middle of the lake as I went north until I find fish or get sick of drilling. The depth changes very little. Like has been said, it's a very hit and miss lake, but it you "Hit'em", it can be fast and furious. Gold has been my best color on Fox with anything blaze orange a close second. Small jigging spoons with a minnow head or perch eye has been my search lure and once I find fish, I put down dead sticks with Gemeyes, crappie jigs, or plain hooks, all with a minnow head. Good Luck!!!

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