Darling ice after storm

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Thinking of heading up to grano with daughter on Sunday, any ice reports would be greatly appreciated

Updated 04-05-2018 at 11:34 AM by Vollmer

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  1. Feildhunter701's Avatar
    I was up there today. Went on at landing 3 and drove 3 miles north and west. So you can get around. But bring a shove. Fishing was slow..

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  2. Chooch's Avatar
    Went out Friday night by grano bridge 2 people there when I got there at 330, by 5 there was 6-7. Lots of fish marked but only caught 1, another guy about 15 yards from me got one, something he say a lot on camera just not biting, but another house a lot closer to the shore just have caught a a quite a few could here them cheering about got another one. I was in 18 ft

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  3. ndfinfan's Avatar
    How thick was the ice where you were Chooch...need an extension?

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  4. Chooch's Avatar
    It was close with in 3-4 inches

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