Not A Report - Crown Butte Dam Ice?

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I'm thinking about taking my kids out to Crown Butte tomorrow for a little while, but was curious if anyone could let me know of any feedback on the ice conditions since the snow/warmer temps. Thank you for any information and be safe out there everyone!

Updated 04-05-2018 at 11:33 AM by Vollmer

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  1. zoops's Avatar
    We certainly haven't lost any ice; it rarely has reached even 32 for highs. Only issue you might have is snow drifts.

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  2. dragoneyes's Avatar
    On my way to Dickinson seen 4 crew cabs in the middle of Crown Butte 3 Hubs out not given the ok for safe ice but seen 1 pickup entering from NE side of the lake. Whats going on at Sweetbriar there was half of dozen permanent and that many portables. Fricken windy out on I-94 both ways seen one rollover,one pickup with trailer plus a half dozen vehicles in the ditch, roads were very slick at certain spot. People are in to much of a hurry these day!

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  3. ccbartuska's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses, much appreciated!!

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  4. WLYHNTR's Avatar
    seen 2 trucks on there yesterday

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