Beaver Bay Fish and Ice Condition

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Was out yesterday from sun up until early afternoon. Very slow day. Only a couple crappie got to the top side of the ice. Had tip ups in shallow with smelt for pike and some out deeper with minnows. Not one bite on a tip up.

Ice Condition WARNING!!!

There was a truck that fell through on the very east end of the bay, east of the bridge. It was only his rear end, but he was stuck non the less. Be careful if you are trying to fish the east end of the bay.
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  1. Bfishn's Avatar
    I was out there and tried everywhere from mouth of bay all the way back to the far east end of the bay. I only managed a couple pike, even though i was going for crappie. I literally only marked one fish on my vex all day. The ice did get a little softer toward far east end but i still damn near needed an extension.

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  2. zoops's Avatar
    Barometer was going up, up, up all day Saturday and Sunday which may have had an effect. Also slow for me. Seems to be my luck this year.

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