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Was wondering if anyone has been to Antelope the last couple days, and curious how either access is? East and west. If you can still get on with a pickup or has the edge deteriorated. Thanks

Updated 04-05-2018 at 11:32 AM by Vollmer

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  1. NDbowman's Avatar
    I was by there yesterday but didn't fish. No one was out on the ice. I drove past the west side on the road that was under water but peeking out now on Sunday. Sunday there was a few people out with pickups. The access points look fine, ice is still good, there was a little water starting to puddle up where people are driving on but I'm sure its still good. A lot of snow on the ice but I think you'll get around fine. Looks like someone built a snowman on the ice on the west side, it made me laugh.

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  2. risingsun's Avatar
    Thanks for the great info, very much appreciated.

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