Muddin' in the snow

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With the bright sun, light wind, and enjoyable temps I decided to hit the Sheyenne for the second time this year. The first time out was several weeks ago and I managed only one 12 inch walleye. It was fun to flex the long poles a bit and I really didn't expect to catch anything, but was pleasantly surprised. I went out today with the exact same expectations and was again, pleasantly surprised. I used my trusty 1/8th oz jig in white tipped with a minnow and plucked two 12 inch walleyes from the cold depths of the river. Actually the fish were in about 2 ft of water. No arm jarring strikes, just hat little tick on the line. Both were released. I did see lots of critters to include, mink, geese, mallards, wigeon, and them goofy little diving birds. Them things made me laugh as when they came in to land, they bounced off the water twice before coming to rest. It was the most ungraceful landing I've ever seen. I wouldn't say things are heating up bite wise on the Sheyenne, but just getting outside in the sun did WONDERS for my cabin fever. Tight Lines Everyone!!!
Sheyenne River


  1. Big J's Avatar
    Love you dad

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  2. Vollmer's Avatar
    Good for you, KDM. I'm a little envious.

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  3. JayKay's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Big J
    Love you dad
    thought I was your dad.

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  4. KDM's Avatar
    I thought I was the only one Big J!! THAT'S IT!! Your cut off and we're through...............parent whore!!!!

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