Muddin' 2018

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After grilling some ribeyes for the mother of my child for mothers day, she graciously set me free to check on the Sheyenne to see what else was cookin'. I found the walleyes to be ready, willing, and able to put a fantastic capper on Mother's Day. They were hitting just about everything I threw at'em. I caught fish on an 1/8th oz yellow jig w/ a white twister, a purple jig w/ a purple twister, a silver and black crank bait, and a long shank 1/8th oz orange jig with a 4.5 inch white paddletail. The crank bait produced the best, which was a nice surprise. Most fish were 13 and smaller, but I did manage my limit of 16 - 22 inchers. All the fish were laying in smooth water flats about 3 ft deep. All hits were smashing good strikes. No problem figuring out you've had a hit. Hope the river level stays constant and this pattern holds. Tight Lines Everyone!!


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    Sounds like you are into a rhythm. Tight lines buddy!

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