Heart River

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After getting my turkey the other day, I decided to spend some time like KDM "muddin". I was on the opposite side of the state, on the Heart River, east of Highway 8, south of Richardton. Pitched some 1/8 - 1/4 ounce VMC moon eye jigs with moxi worms. Ended up getting two smaller northerns right away. Moved around on some crossings and cut-backs. Only had one other hook-up - felt like something quite big, but it spit the hook. Catfish? Carp? Not sure.

Also, the day before, I stopped and pitched jigs for about an hour where the Green River runs into the Heart, near Gladstone ND. I didn't get any bites, but the guy that was there fishing with me got three walleyes. One big one, two smaller eaters.
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