Muddin' 2018

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After my daughters band concert this evening I decided to hit the Sheyenne to see if the bite was still on. It was!! The walleyes are still in the chewing mood and tonight it was the 4.5 inch white paddle tail on an orange long shank 1/8th oz jig that fit the bill. Tried a crank and a 3 inch twister, but the walleyes were having none of that noise. Kept a limit of 15-17 inchers and threw back a couple dozen smaller eyes along with a couple 3-4 lb gators. It was steady action and the bites were ferocious. Hope this keeps up for at least a week or so. Tight Lines Everyone!!!
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Sheyenne River


  1. Vollmer's Avatar
    Dang. You are on fire!

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  2. big stick's Avatar
    where ?

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