Musky Muddin' 2018

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Hit the Sheyenne again, but went to another spot for a change of scenery. Didn't catch a single walleye, but I caught more hammer handles than I care to talk about, 2 nice 6 lb gators (Kept), 3 white bass, 3 smallies to 17 inches, and honest to God, 2 muskies. I about filled my drawers when the first one slid to shore and when the second one popped up about 5 minutes later, I knew I'd used up a good portion of my luck for the day. Both muskies were under 26 inches, but they were/are the "Holy Grail" of fish in the Sheyenne as far as I'm concerned. One hit a purple 3 inch twister tail on an 1/8th oz jig and the other smacked a 4.5 inch white paddle tail on a long shank hot pink 1/8th oz jig. I had a young fella come from about 60 yards downstream from me to take a pic of the first one I caught and to verify I had a genuine musky on the line. Both fish were gingerly handled and quickly released. I gave him my email address, so I hope he sends me the pics. If I get them I'll post'em. What a day on the river!!!! Tight Lines Everyone!
Sheyenne River


  1. Sum1's Avatar
    Are they stocked in there?

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  2. dukgnfsn's Avatar
    Oh my gosh, your river walleyes are going to get decimated with those muskies in the river . I don't know what kind of dam Ashtabula has but they must be somehow getting over or thru the dam and down into the river, that will be interesting how they survive the river. they do well in other rivers around the country, but with how shallow that river is wondering how big they could get???

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  3. Captain Ahab's Avatar
    They wouldn't have to go over a dam if they just went upstream.

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  4. Casey Buchholz's Avatar
    The sheyenne has had musky in it in years past. I seen a very large one caught about ten years ago just below the spillway in Fort Ransom. The guy caught it on a frog while fishing for catfish.

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  5. KDM's Avatar
    I know they were stocked in Ashtabula, but I don't know how big they were. However, it was VERY COOL to finally catch one.......er two. I saw a big one (15 lbs or so) caught at the little dam right in VC about 30+ years ago, but since then muskies in the Sheyenne are but a rumor and a dream. The Sheyenne has some real deep holes from Baldhill to Kathryn so I have some confidence that if they can reach 15 lbs or so they may just rule the roost in the river. Anyway, it was FANTASTIC to finally check muskies off the list for the Sheyenne. Now I'm going to check my email for a pic. Fingers crossed it's there!!!

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  6. Duckslayer100's Avatar
    For some reason, river muskies can get BIG. I bet in 10 years or so there will be a couple hog bellies that have lived their whole lives living under a snag, just slurping up all the little fishies that swim by.

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  7. Casey Buchholz's Avatar
    I think the musky I seen caught down in Fort Ransom may have came up the river from the high water in 2009. That was the summer it was caught. I know there are some musky that occasionally make there way into the Red so I would assume that's where that one came from.

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  8. njsimonson's Avatar
    Great report! Muskies have been stocked in Ashtabula the last couple of seasons, they've got a solid forage base of suckers and bullheads, and should do well with the good weedlines and deep water to access in summer. Anything in the lake can safely make its way through the main spillway into the river most of the season and your sizes are on par with what people have been catching on the lake anecdotally over the last two years. It will be interesting to see how big they get. I've seen a hybrid out of the Sheyenne a decade ago that went 43 inches, so there's potential!

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  9. Casey Buchholz's Avatar
    KDM, any chance you have the pic yet? I'm itching to see it!

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  10. KDM's Avatar
    I think I got dissed. Which SUCKS!!!

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  11. JayKay's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KDM
    I think I got dissed. Which SUCKS!!!
    check your spam folder, if you don't know the guy.

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  12. KDM's Avatar
    Found it!! Posted it!!

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