Bassing for Cats

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As I was cleaning garage on Sunday morning and seeing my tackle boxes had collected more dust I decided that I just had to go wet a line. I decided to hit the Sheyenne in an area I have had moderate success in the past and just hoped I could find something willing to bite artificial lures as I had no bait. Rigged up a couple rods with jigs and my baitcasters got a slip rig with 2oz no roll sinkers. Pulled up to my spot and was unloading when a frog jumped, I took that as a sign that he was meant for bait so I snagged him. Got setup and the frog wasn't in the water for 5min before the rod started bouncing while I pitched a jig. Suddenly the frog rod doubled and I had a catfish fight, turned to be about 3lber that would work perfect for supper. Re-hooked what was left of the frog and reset, 2min later another hit and this one had lots of fight turning out to be a 4-5lb cat that finished off my frog.
Tried powerbait on that rod which had a couple hits but no takers, jigs with different plastic trailers, crank baits and did a little more frog hunting with no success so called it and afternoon beings we had enough for supper. Was just nice getting out and stretch the string.
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Sheyenne River


  1. KDM's Avatar
    Nice!! There are getting to be a fishable populations of kitty kats out my way too. I'm going to try to figure them out. Most of the cats I catch are accidents and they hit my jigs or cranks. They really put up a fight in the current and most of the time my walleye gear is way undergunned to wrestle with cats. Let me know how you cook'em up.

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  2. measure-it's Avatar
    Looks like you snip off the tails to bleed them--nicer white meat. You can also cut their gills out to bleed them out.

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  3. LBrandt's Avatar
    Take whats left of them and use a tile spade plant them along side of your tomato plants and stand back.

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  4. dwos03's Avatar
    Nice looking cats! Perfect size for eating IMO.

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  5. luvcatchingbass's Avatar

    I just zipper the fillets and cube them up season with whatever I have and fried. One thing I have been experimenting with is to fry fish like this most of the way through then remove and let cool for a couple minutes then give them another dunk to finish them out, this way I find I actually get a little better crisp on the breading but that might depend on the type used.

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  6. luvcatchingbass's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LBrandt
    Take whats left of them and use a tile spade plant them along side of your tomato plants and stand back.
    That is exactly what I did it is in the middle of the row between my peppers and tomatos.

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