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Tough fishing yesterday at Pouch Pt, Independence Pt?

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Went out yesterday morning after work. Got a late start and was on the water by 11. Headed south outta Brendles Bay to Pouch's area. Lotta boats and dirty water. Caught 2 white bass n jumped over to Independence Pt. Caught 1 walleye. Thought it was gunna make whopper club. Weighed it in Parshall at grocery store. Was 7 lb 12 oz. 27 3/4" Came up short.. story of my life !!
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Vollmer's Avatar
    That area seems to be changing daily.

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  2. Justin The Pusher's Avatar
    Has it been consistent anywhere?

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  3. Vollmer's Avatar
    You can catch fish in that area, you might just have to poke around. Try a few spots, and trust your electronics.

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  4. NodakBuckeye's Avatar
    We got some between Skunk and Independence. 25 to 30' pulling minnows and spinners. Not lights out but steady. Had 2 saugers with eggs Monday and 2 yesterday still milking.

    Walleye we have caught have been rugby balls...

    Fish seem to be fairly scattered and surface temps have ranged from 58-66 down that way.

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