Pouch Point 7/8

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Took the kayak out around 2PM. Took the advice of a kind angler that was leaving as I was prepping the yak and chose silver blades on worm harnesses. Bottom bouncer had no action. 4 Fish on Carolina rigs. The key was slow speeds. If I paddled normally, no takers. Two came when I was replacing the bait on the other pole. Called it finex fishex at 7:15 and paddled back to the ramp.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. cooter00's Avatar
    Hi man good report I was the boat that came in the same time you did I had just the opposite happen we pulled spinners slow with no takers I dropped the cranks down and we caught 9 in 3 hrs goin 3mph which is faster then I normally pull them I fish pouch allot hope to see out again

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  2. ORCUS DEMENS's Avatar
    Hey Cooter, thanks for the tip. 3 mph is full tilt in the Kayak. I would be too tired to reel em in. It seemed like if I was going along at a normal speed 1-1.5 mph no interest. On Erie we would have walleye hit lures at 2.5 mph in the summer. Nice thing about that speed is the bonus trout you might catch. I was surprised how shallow the fish were. Surface temps of 70+ degrees and you would expect them to be much deeper in the water column. May have to take the boat out next weekend and try some fast trolling.

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