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The gaggle and I went fishing Saturday evening and Sunday. We fished around Shell Village, Independence Point and its adjacent shoreline, as well as 8 Pound and Outhouse. We caught fish in all of the spots with our best being in 30 fow and deeper. Our best was on leeches and crawlers.

75 degree water.

The water has definitely dropped a couple of feet.

I know some guys found fish in bunches, but we never did. The fish seemed pretty spread out for us.

It was a fun weekend of catch and release.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. NJL's Avatar
    Yeah, i fished Saturday evening. Fished islands in the north end, 8lb island, shell island and pouch point. Seemed like we'd pop 2-3 at each spot and then it would die off. Best luck was at Pouch because the wind was blowing in, had a nice stretch of bites in about 15 fow. Also seemed like we were catching smaller fish in most of these spots.

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  2. jdinny's Avatar
    we fished Friday eveing , Saturday morning and sunday morning.

    Friday eveing was slow fished from 330-630 and boated 3 walleyes. we fished south of fox, to 8Lb

    Saturday morning. decided to stay way way north in the arm and boy what a different story we got into fish and it was heavy. we released 3 fish over 23" and had doubles in the net for the boys at times. fish came in that 24-28ft range.

    sunday-morning the plan was to be done by 10:00 regarless of outcome didn't get the family moving and on the water til 845 ish. had 4 nice walleyes by 10 and called it a wknd.

    we released every fish this wknd as I didn't feel like cleaning fish. I try to focus on water under 30 when I release so I don't have to fizz fish.

    fishing is sporadic but when a guy finds them it was on.

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  3. jdinny's Avatar
    like i mentioned last week for us ( my family) the aulity the last 2 wknds has been excellent. nothing huge but the 23-24" fish are numerous.

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  4. jdinny's Avatar
    as far as quality we used crawers and gulp crawles. every fish over 23" was on plastics

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  5. scrotcaster's Avatar
    I fished van hook on friday night and sat.. Friday caught a 28" and a 24" on cranks. Saturday fished most of the day and caught only 4 walleyes, three 20'' and one 14", was slow but most likly had something to do with it being dead calm out there.

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  6. cooter00's Avatar
    I went out Sunday couldn't catch a cold threw everything I had at them untill I pulled out the lead core with a #5 rapalla in 40ft of water caught 10 nice fish in a little over an hour that was fun but I should have thought of it earlier lol

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