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Fished out of Government Bay on Saturday from Government to Dead man's and picked up two. one was a couple pounds and the other was 6 or 7. both were 80-85' with yellow flashers and white and white w/green needle squid about 8-10' behind the ball running 1.9-2.1mph. Talked with some other guys that had caught a few. I think they are just starting up.
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Lake Sakakawea


  1. Riverbottoms's Avatar
    Fished in wolf creek Saturday morning and the drive from garrison bay i probably seen 40 boats fishing salmon Saturday morning and only about 10 Sunday morning.

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  2. NJL's Avatar
    i was actually just thinking that i should break out the riggers and try for some salmon next weekend. Do something a little different than pulling BB for walleyes

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  3. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    If anyone has anymore information, please pass it along. We are all out there for the same reason, to catch salmon. I will keep posting info as I get out. According to GNF, it should be a good year. Good luck and tight lines!!

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  4. Hookin8easy's Avatar
    As good as they thought last year lol? Was out Saturday from 9-2 and seen one netted, 95’ white needlefish. We ran between 80’-100’, everything in the boat, had 2 releases at 85’ chartreuse bubble/glow w white needlefish

    Buddy hit one on Sunday down 110’on white

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    Updated 07-31-2018 at 11:52 AM by Hookin8easy
  5. Black Cloud's Avatar
    Went out yesterday and tried about every flasher and squid I had in depth from 60' to 120'. Saw one guy catch 2. Do you guys use scents or lures on your squids?

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  6. Hookin8easy's Avatar
    I’ve tried everything....but the right thing I guess haha. Had 10 in an hour one day last year other than that 1-2 per day is about it for me until casting season

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  7. Hookin8easy's Avatar
    I actually do better with dipsy divers and cranks to the side of the riggers and flashers but there just is not the room to do so, just a headache to even try

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  8. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    We tried dipsy’s a couple times earlier with flashers and squids, no takers . As for scents and such I never use them an neither do the guys I fish with. Did talk to a couple guys that had caught a couple on meat rigs. Also heard some are being caught on the face of the dam.

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  9. SlamminSalmon's Avatar
    Do you just pick the ones up that are on the face of the dam??

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  10. howmuchdidheweighgeno's Avatar
    Hey guys, was up there Friday and Saturday. Caught 4 of 6 on Friday and 2 for 2 on Saturday. Saturday was much slower. Anything white and a little green or chartreuse was good. 75-95 early and 85-110 a little later. Was starting to mark a little more bait in the area. Fished from just south of government up past deadman's a ways out into the lake. Caught much nicer fish on Friday and lost a bigger one I think was better than 10lbs. Good luck.

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