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Gorgeous weekend for temperatures and light winds, no doubt about that. Fishing strategies changed, though, as the walleye population seemed to be on the move and their bite was a bit light. Both Saturday and Sunday we had to work a number of places and change presentations, but after 90mins the fish would turn off and disappear from the sonar.

We started out at depths of 25'-27' and using Lindy rigs with either worms or leeches. When those presentations stopped we converted over to jigging raps and caught a few more as those stopped working. We switched back to a Lindy/leech and a smile spinner/worm and moved deeper to 31'-33' as we finished out the morning with our limit.

Returned on Sunday morning and started with jigging raps, but all we picked up were smaller fish. It seemed like they weren't ready for that type of action at 7am, so we switched to Lindy rigs and picked up a few. But, like Saturday, the fish cleared out of the area and the bite shut off. Moved three times and back in a group of nice walleye at 35' deep up north near the slides and pumphouse.

The eyes we kept ranged from 16"-21" and were very healthy, full of smelt.
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  1. sig357's Avatar
    Picked up a two man limit today out of Deep Water. We marked most of our fish in 40-45 fow. Used crawlers on slow death and one rod had a smile blade, SD's had a single bead. The fish we caught went strait to the livewell due to them not being able to return to the water due to be over stressed. 4 fish were deep throat hooked they didn't stand a chance. Did not mark hardly any bait ball clusters like we had been but it was pretty damn calm today.

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    Updated 07-30-2018 at 08:42 PM by sig357
  2. Up Y'oars's Avatar
    Yeah, we only had one walleye that was belly-up after the harvest. I was surprised there wasn't more after 30' range. The rest were lip hooked and doing fine in the livewell.

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