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This is kinda, sorta a report and kinda not......I was up at darling yesterday with the intention of shore fishing. However when I got there I was disgusted by the amount of garbage laying all over. I put away my equipment and pulled every bag, bucket and box I could find out of my car and damn near filled my trunk with crap (mostly beer cans and tackle packaging). (I'm going to go ahead and switch to capital letters here my point gets across) I FISH THIS AREA ALOT AND KNOW WHAT THE PEOPLE AND VEHICLES LOOK LIKE THAT HAVE BEEN LEAVING THEIR FILTH.....NOW THANKS TO ME SO DOES THE REFUGE MANAGER.....I WOULD THINK TWICE ABOUT COMING BACK.....DIRTBAGS
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Lake Darling


  1. Chooch's Avatar
    👍 last time I was up at Grano there was probably close to a 12 pack of beer cans laying on the rocks! Picked them up and and took them home to put in the trash and then fished with no luck

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  2. WormWiggler's Avatar
    Good for you and thank you for taking the time to be involved.

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  3. Davey Crockett's Avatar
    I've noticed a lot of people over the years that don't give a crap about anyone but themselves, Litter bugs are pretty close to the top of the list.

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  4. Migrator Man's Avatar
    Kudos to you man instead of just complaining you actually did something about it! It is a shame to see all the trash left by fishermen.

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  5. shorthairman's Avatar
    Although it doesn't really affect me (being from Nebraska), I for one am glad you reported it to the refuge manager. Until someone does something to stop idiots like this, they will just continue doing it...

    Not to pat myself on the back, but I had a group of students in a Lifetime Sports class last year and I taught a unit on fishing. One of the first things I told them was that if they bring something to the lake they take it back with them. I also told them that its a good idea to pick up trash even if it isn't theirs. My son and I carry a bucket all the time and sometimes it brings home a few fish, but a lot of times it brings home trash that we picked up.

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  6. nybs's Avatar
    Good work sucks to have to clean up after others but everyone that goes there after you will appreciate a clean spot.

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  7. scrotcaster's Avatar
    Appreciate you cleaning up the mess and not just complain.. THere is nothing more that pisses me off than someone who littlers like that. I have chewed ass more than once seeing people leaving a mess.

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  8. eseamands's Avatar
    Fishing the Heskett gets to be the same way in the fall. Cans and fishing lure packaging. I usually carry a grocery bag and pick up on the way back. There is a garbage can RIGHT AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS and people still don't pick up there trash. Good for you on spreading the word.

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