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    Quote Originally Posted by Allen View Post
    Lots of industrial applications of it to dicamba resistant crops have been really putting the hurt to trees and neighboring non-resistant crops. I'd have to think those farmers opting to not use dicamba resistant soybeans, etc are really pissed when their neighbor costs them 5-20% of their yield. And yes, there are some pretty well documented examples of it out in California.

    I hear they have relabeled usage directions and formulation to help prevent drift, guess we will see how well that works.
    I'm seeing effed up trees everywhere in the Lake Agassiz valley - even some gorgeous farmyards have effed up trees along one corner or one entire side

    looks like garbage and must piss them off - whether they did it themselves or did it to a neighbor

    sounds like the more volatile Dicambas these days are lightning in a bottle when it comes to predicting behavior - I'd be white-knuckling it the entire time I was spraying and for weeks after

    as a chemist the thought of that kind of unpredictable behavior drives me bananas

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    Had a guy who bought some trimec. Called and asked if he was to dilute that before putting on. Now is watering his lawn.

    When I was in southern MN back in the 70. Banvel would hang and then drift with the wind. Insurance paid more than once.

    I do understand the seriousness of this. When all we had was 24-d and would use the ester stuff I think about how little concern we had for our own health. I got the job as a young kid putting it into the tank while it fill. Would end up on hands and even now I still do not use gloves and have had chemical spill on hands with no water to wash off. More than once I would bring the fumes in when the wind was right.
    I am sure way over spray as I have found that I must put at least 2 quarts of round up on to a acre on the food plots with a number of spraying.
    Rate no matter what is 2% for me which I am sure is too much.
    Biggest abuser I am sure are us homeowners. Not sure why we do not have to have a certificate to purchase.
    As time goes on I feel the farmers and ranchers will find different ways to take care of the land and chemical and fertilizer will be used less and less. Happening all ready as I have a handful now putting two crops on the same land the same year. db

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