I got this from a well read friend. It is a cut and paste so not sure the accuracy.

Our Mainstream News Media Again Remain Silent Not to Honor Trump for Any Commendable Action

Since it seems people are confused with the Paris Agreement, here are the details as far as it pertains to the United States.

The US would have had to contribute up to nearly 1 Trillion per year. Paper manufacturing, cement manufacturing, and natural gas cut by up to 15-30%. Steel, iron ore and clean coal cut from 60%-80%. Millions of Jobs would have been lost due to this. Prices of not only energy but EVERYTHING would have gone up. This was a deal not to save the environment but to make the United States the Worlds piggy bank. We get nothing from this deal.

Meanwhile the biggest polluter China doesn't have to cut emissions until the year 2030 and can produce as many coal plants as they want. Wouldn't you rather have us keep our jobs, low energy costs and figure out a way to increase making CLEAN COAL like we've been doing?

The next biggest polluter is INDIA and they only agreed to this treaty because they are getting HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars over the next few years to be in this deal.

We have some of the cleanest air and water in the world, some of the highest standards, and we have to dish out Trillions to OTHER countries while at the same time losing millions of our own jobs and prices skyrocketing here?!

Oh by the way this deal if followed by every country exactly as written would drop the temperature 2/10ths of ONE DEGREE CELSIUS BY THE YEAR 2100. This deal is a massive joke that does nothing for the environment and only dishes out the United States money to other countries. By the way this would cost every person in America about $100 a year out of pocket. This doesn't include the thousands more we'd all be paying in higher energy prices and food prices.

Think about that people 1 trillion per year from the US while most of the other countries give ZERO or are getting billions from us. BAD DEAL AND WE SHOULD ALL BE THANKFUL TRUMP GOT US OUT OF IT.

From another person.

the paris climate deal was a massive scam. do you enjoy the self elected bureaucrats ripping off the poor. climate change figures was faked by the EU for political reasons to get them power. there is real scientists now working on the climate issue to see if it is real. the eu selected lots of different research and picked fro each one to give them figures that was fake. so they could CHARGE stupid amounts of money not to fix anything but to make themselves rich taking 400 billion every year from america which would have crippled the poor and american buisinesses. PARIS CLIMATE DEAL was a get rich quick scheme. why would you put your name to it. Only reason you would if is if you yourself is going to get rich from it.
or if your a democrat.
scientific teams in the united kingdom are doing TRUE research. and have found multiple errors with the Bureaucrats paris climate deal. also while america was damned to pay out billions and cut back on its coal burning putting up prices for energy for the poorest in community CHINA was allowed to POLLUTE AS MUCH AS IT WANTS. WITH NO climate carbon taxes to pay. like america had to. china was welcome to Pollute the world freely. so tell me is that ok with you also. are you also putting your name to that too.
PRESIDENT TRUMP. THE elected president of america. made the correct choice REALIZING THE WHOLE THING WAS NOT GOING TO HELP POLLUTION WHAT SO EVER and was ONLY going to build up the pensions of the bureaucrats of the EU. but they are 1 off because trump is not stupid and the uk is not stupid and they are working out if the EU made these calculation on purpose and why china was allowed to pollute while america would have s many restriction put upon it. it would have hurt every american.