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  1. Wolf Creek

    Ice and access are both excellent. Fishing not so much. Been there twice for the afternoon bite the last couple weeks. 1 walleye each time. Wish the fishing was better because the access is so good….oh well.
    Lake Sakakawea
  2. Jamestown Rez?

    Hi All:
    How is access to the Reservoir? Ice conditions?
  3. Audubon

    Fished Friday night and Saturday on Audubon, (1-7&1-8). Went on at the Totten Trail boat ramp. Friday night was a dead sea. Saturday caught one pike and several small perch. Ice thickness was 20".
    Lake Audubon
  4. Jasper lake

    Tried Jasper on 1/8. Parking area was accessible but ramp is snowed in. Walked out south of the ramp and tried a couple spots. Fished from first light to 10 in the morning. Caught a dozen or so small perch and 2 small walleyes.
  5. Audubon - 12/23

    Buddy and I fished the Lane Ramp area Thursday afternoon. Ice was 12-13 inches most places we drilled, but one spot that was under some deeper snow was only 7 as always...please be careful! Cut holes between 2 humps anywhere from 12 to 21 fow. Caught fish in all depths...believe we caught 8 walleye and 5 pike...couple small perch. Glad we got out before the weather turned, sure with these temps guys will have trucks on the ice next week. Fish on...
    Lake Audubon
  6. Hobart

    Were on Hobart on 12/19, 10" of ice on the North end where we were. Fishing was alright, did better than most that we talked to. Fish came in spurts, about once every 40-60 minutes. What are people seeing for ice thickness around the state?
    Hobart Lake
  7. 6" of Ice on Buffalo Lodge, going to try some shiners on tip ups

    Checked ice last week when there was a little open water in the middle, but 4" by shore. Co-worker went this weekend said lake was froze over and there is 6" by shore. I'd be careful going across the lake still, most people like to setup on the N/NE corner and getting there might be dicey if you are on a 4 wheeler or sled.

    Plan is to setup in about 8' of water out past the weedline north of the access and see if the tip ups with shiner minnows grab anything. Going to try jigging with my Marcum and see if anything is down there and interested also. Fishing wasn't great there ...
  8. Early Ice Opportunities Around Bismarck

    Well I got out onto the ice for the first time this season yesterday (12/9/2021). Went up to Sweet Briar and had a bit of luck in the evening with a decent walleye (deadstick) and a crappie (tip-up). Caught small walleyes on rattle spoons tipped with a small minnow and plastic jigs.

    Ice yesterday was about 4.5 inches and gaining. However, BE CAREFUL! There are some areas that have less ice. I did not go out into the middle of the lake but there were about 7 other small groups (individuals or pairs) out along the edges of the lake fishing too. I will feel a bit more comfortable when ...
  9. Anyone Fishing Heskett

    Didn't have much luck out there last fall. Anyone been out there lately fishing? Does it fish any different with the water level so low?
    Missouri River
  10. Fall Bite Oahe

    I fished the Mobridge area last Thursday, with creek chubs, minnows, and even drug some BB around with crawlers. Now one was catching any that we heard. I know we caught no keeper walleye in the usual Mobridge fall spots.

    Friday we went up the Moreau south of Mobridge. Wen quite a ways up in there, hit a bunch of points, fished from 8 fow to 40 fow. Got 2. Even tried snap weights and plugs in 30-40 fow.

    What is the deal? Any action on the ND Side??
    Lake Oahe
  11. Missouri River - South Bismarck

    Photos of the rifle range ramp on Saturday. Fishing was not good for us.

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    Missouri River
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  12. Lake Tschida

    Went out for a few hours today by Myself. 4 walleye and 6 white bass. Got the 4 keeper walleye in the first hour than spent another 3 hours trying to get the last one but couldn't close the deal. 8 of the fish on a jig and paddle tail and the other 2 on crawler and smile blade. Where ever you run into the white bass they are big and plentiful.
    Lake Tschida
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