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  1. New Town - Lake Sakakawea

    A buddy and I went out to the New Town area on Sunday, and found a mess of post-spawn walleye. 50 degree water to start the day, that warmed up to a surface temp of 54 by the afternoon. We caught our fish on jig/minnow, lindy/minnow, and crankbaits. The fish sure seemed plump and healthy, and there is a large class of 16-19" fish in the system.

    More info in the video:
    Lake Sakakawea
  2. Boat Ramps

    Does anyone know if the ramps at Beaver Bay are usable? Is there any site that gives a current report on usable boat ramps in the state? Thanks
    Lake Oahe
  3. carp

    Lot of carp in the ditches 7 to 14 miles west of Lidgerwood. LB
    Other: SE ND Area
  4. East End: Sakakawea

    Fished East Sak, for a chunk of the day, today. Pitching jig/minnow in 4-8 fow. We found a few, but for what we were seeing on the side imaging, I wouldn’t say we knocked it out of the park. Water temp, where we were at, was around 38 degrees. On the plus side, I moved my trolling batteries, and charger, from the front of the boat (under rod locker) to the back of the boat, plus added a 4” manual jack plate, and gained around 4 mph on the 2080.
    Lake Sakakawea
  5. Audubon In The Dingy

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    Did some fishing today, with a buddy, on Lake Audubon. We did not wake up early, and we did not fish late. We got out there after the day had warmed up a bit, and headed for home as the wind started to pick up, but we had a fun day, caught some walleye, and one nice pike that drug the little dingy boat around for a bit. Most of the fish were on jig/minnow, but one came on the hyper rattle. I always look forward to this time of year. There is something pure and fun about fishing out of the little dingy boat. Hopefully get another trip or two in it before ...
    Lake Audubon
  6. Bismarck boat ramps

    The ramps at Fox Island and Keelboat (under I-94) are both open and usable. No docks in yet.
    Missouri River
  7. Audubon - Turtle Lake Ramp Area 3/19

    Finally got back out on the ice, amazing day 54 degrees with light wind. Cut holes from 16 to 10 fow leading up to saddle hump. Actually caught first walleye about 5PM...which was little early I thought but great! Fished till 8PM, ended up catching 6 walleye and 2 pike - kept 4 between 17 and 20 inches. Perch colored tingler got most action - used full minnow but cut entire tail off before hooking. Ice was still 30 inches but rotting fast. Shorelines still good but think will go quick. No trucks out only wheelers and one Chevy Malibu...jeesh!
    Lake Audubon
  8. Hunts Along Bay - New Town

    Was up near New Town on Saturday. Fished Hunts Along Bay. Limited on Walleye but took all day to do so. Most were between 18-20 inches. Did catch a couple of smaller ones. Also caught a couple pike, a Cisco, white bass, channel cat.

    I was fishing the mouth of the bay at about 25 ft of water. Had tip-ups between 17 feet and 30 feet (nothing on them all day long). Walleye were real picky all day, but after the sun went down it picked up quickly. Had marks all day long, but they would just come and look then swim away. White jigs seems to be the color of choice (tried blue, red, pink, ...
  9. Wolf Creek

    Fished the south side of Mallard Island on 2/5-2/6. Ice was roughly two feet thick (I didn't measure). Access was good and there were no issues pulling the Ice Castle out with the truck. Fishing was not good only caught 1 16" eye. Lots of little perch and other little fish (I think they were smelt). Fished 5 to 20 feet. Maybe they are deeper?
    Lake Sakakawea
  10. Wentz Slough

    can anyone give a report how access and getting around on Wentz Slough with an Ice Castle
  11. New John's and Audubon - updates

    Went this weekend to New John's (1/29) and Audubon (1/30). New John's was pretty active for the smaller fish both perch and walleye (probably caught between 50-60 perch and a handful of walleye). Perch were generally small, less than 8 inches, but there were a few greater than 9 inches. All walleye were small and less than 14 inches, and had one northern on but snapped the line right at the hole. Lots of people on the western side of the lake.

    Audubon was much less exciting. Fishing the center of the lake and worked towards the southern shoreline. Marked a few fish in the deep water ...
  12. Wolf Creek

    Ice and access are both excellent. Fishing not so much. Been there twice for the afternoon bite the last couple weeks. 1 walleye each time. Wish the fishing was better because the access is so good….oh well.
    Lake Sakakawea
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