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  1. Salmon on the lake

    Hey Guys!

    Heard a rumor that there are a few guys fishing salmon on the lake with Riggers already? Has anyone seen or heard of anybody doing this yet? Seems pretty early to me. The last couple of years we have been starting after the 4th but as usual it picks up the later it gets. I have talked to some older guys that have said they used to chase them around the whole time that there was open water. Just curious if anyone has heard this at all.
    Lake Sakakawea
  2. She's full.

  3. Downrigger Line

    Hello Everyone. May be a little early to start thinking about chasing salmon by the dam yet, but I was poking around in my Cabels app and see that they offer downrigger line. Curious to see if anyone had any experience/feedback in regards to using "Cabela's Depth Trac Downrigger Line" on my generic, hand-crank Canon Uni-Troll outfits, instead of the cable. Reason being is that I like the idea of being able to reach the same depths with less drag/blow-back while going thru the water (if thats accurate in their description). My Uni Trolls are only rated for a 6# ball i believe so that ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  4. Deep Water Bay - Fathers Day Weekend

    Fished both days this weekend and what a blast. Smashed fish both days on cranks. We used leadcore to get small cranks down to 8-10 FOW. Speed was a very important factor. For us it was 2mph. Much slower or faster and we didn't get bites. Had to stay in the warmer water. Easy 4 person limit on Saturday and another 3 person limit on Sunday. Found water temps 64-65.

    As a bonus, my daughter caught her first walleye. I couldn't be prouder.
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    Lake Sakakawea
  5. Parshall Bay

    The family, and I, fished the Parshall Bay area Friday afternoon, through Sunday. We caught our fish on Friday in about 13 fow, pulling crawlers. On Saturday, we had a tougher time finding fish. We tried Outhouse, Party Point, Flag, and a couple other shorelines, and finally ended up finding a good pod of active fish on a flat back in Shell, in 5-9 fow, again, pulling crawlers. On Sunday, we went back to that flat and found our fish. They had slid a little to the south, but it did not take long to get dialed into the active pod. We threw back a handful of 24-25" fish, and kept a few ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  6. Deepwater - Father's Day

    Buddy and I fished Deepwater Bay area this morning. Put in at 0730-ran out toward the mouth of the bay...fished a couple spots along the north shore to counter the ever present NoDak wind. Water temps out there only 56...decided to go further back in the bay. Found a north shore bay that had water temps at 61-62. Marked fish in 8 to 20 fow. Jigged with leeches and plastics and jigging raps and ripping raps. Buddy caught 2 nice fish on snap jig and plastics. Decided to switch things up...pulled spinners with fish. Finally decided to try cranks...pulled flicker minnows at .9 to 1.6 ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  7. South on Oahe

    Launched out of Beaver Creek and headed south. The lake level is way up so there are changing conditions each week. We started off in 12-13 FOW and caught decent numbers two weeks ago, but then the level went up another two feet and this complicated the efforts because the former shoreline and trees/bushes were now in the zone. So we moved out to 14-16 FOW and continued a decent harvest of 15-1/2" to 20" walleye.

    The minnow on a Lindy rig and single bead out produced the worm, the spinner rigs, or other tactics. We also noticed that upping the speed from 0.9mph to 1.1mph ...
    Lake Oahe
  8. Post Thunderstorm Fishing Same as Usual

    Bought a newer boat in great condition this week, tore out all of the old electronics and installed my Helix 9 yesterday. I was going to plop it in at Lake Darling for a couple hours of evening fishing. Took it to Brendel's instead to try to avoid the massive storm. It still hit Van Hook and I visited some friends for 20 minutes or so to wait it out. Hit the water and of course the fish locked their jaws for me. Did get one strike but missed it. I got a chance to check out my electronics and such. Everything is locked in and ready for the rest of the season. Should be out there today, but I ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  9. Alkaline Lake

    On Monday the 10th I went to Alkaline Lake south of Dawson and we caught our fish using slow death. Released a bunch of 13" fish. My biggest was 18". The odd thing about that fish was that it was a female that did not spawn, and was still full of eggs. Water temps were around 63 degrees. Anyone else catching females that did not spawn this spring at this lake?
  10. Fished south of Parshall Bay

    Fished south of Parshall Bay this afternoon from 12:30 to 5. Fished 6.5 to 9.5 feet of water pulling BBs with a 4 foot snell with 2 gold beads and a slow death with a 6 pumpkin seed Gulp crawler. Woohoo did we have fun!
    Lake Sakakawea
  11. Red River 6-13-19

    Thanks to the heat of last week the water temps have reached the low 70s and the catfish now have spawning on their minds. Most years not all fish spawn at the same time so the best advice is do what you are doing and grind it out. Right now the best places to look for fish are the softer side of the main current seem (usually an inside corner) and set baits right on the break line. Sit on the spots a bit longer, usually 20-30 minutes to give the fish a good chance to find the bait. The best bait this past week has been very small chunks of cut sucker.

    As the spawn progresses the ...
    Red River
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  12. Alkaline Lake - Kidder

    Fished Alkaline today. We did well. We caught most of our fish casting cranks into the shallows. We just moved around as some areas held fish and some did not. If you don't care much for the gravel road in, you really aren't going to like the 23 miles of fresh oil, loose rock from Dawson south
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